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PHP Training in Chandigarh - Webliquids delivers Best PHP training in Chandigarh. Webliquids provides practical training in PHP development, Cookies, Sessions, Control Structures, Disk Access, T/O, Math and Mail, PEAR, File System, Forms and much more. Open source programming quality of PHP makes it the most lucrative opportunities for job. So If You are Looking for PHP Training in Chandigarh then you are Most Welcome to Take the Demo Class.

WebLiquids is ISO affiliated IT company deals with Indians and overseas clients in web Development, Web designing and Digital Marketing. Not only this we give training to those candidates who want to do web designing and digital marketing courses in Chandigarh so that we can make them capable of working in today’s fast developing IT industry and its associated companies.We give training to the candidates from basic beginner’s level to advanced level.

To bring most out of training course, we provide live projects for maximum practical knowledge and experience. Hence with no doubt, 100% best career training course is provided by us.  Core PHP with CMS - [Joomla,Drupal,WordPress] with JQuery + MySQL + Postgre SQL .Core PHP with MVC - [Cake PHP, YII] with MySql + PostgreSQL. Core PHP with Shopping Cart - [ OpenCart, Magento, ZenCart, Woo-Commerce] with same Above Combination.

WebLiquids prepare students in such a way that they can easily be the part of present growing IT industry. Our Web Development course cultivates various skills by imparting in-depth knowledge of web designing using different web developing tools, languages along with tips and tricks. There are so many web designing institutes in Chandigarh but candidates choose us because we are best Web Designing Training Institute in Chandigarh , Tested By Numerous & Recommended By Many.

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PHP Training in Chandigarh - Course Content

1. Introduction
  • The Origin of PHP.
  • PHP is better than Its alternatives.
  • Interfaces to External systems.
  • How PHP works with the Web Server.
  • Hardware and Software requirements.
  • What a PHP script looks like.
  • Saving data for later.
  • Receiving user input.
  • Repeating code.
2. Introduction to SQL
  • Connecting to the MYSQL.
  • Selecting a database.
  • Finding out about errors.
  • Adding data to a table.
  • Acquiring the value.
  • Finding the number of rows.
  • Inserting data.
  • Entering and updating data.
  • Executing multiple queries.
3. Basic PHP Development
  • How PHP scripts work.
  • Basic PHP syntax.
  • PHP data types.
  • Displaying type information.
  • Testing for a specific data type.
  • Changing type with Set type.
  • Operators.
  • Variable manipulation.
  • Dynamic variables.
  • String in PHP.
4. Cookies
  • The anatomy of a Cookie.
  • Setting a cookie with PHP.
  • Deleting a cookie.
  • Creating session cookie.
  • Working with the query string.
  • Creating query string.
5. Session
  • What is a session?
  • Starting a session.
  • Working with session variables.
  • Destroying session.
  • Passing session Ids.
  • Encoding and decoding session variable.
6. Control Structures
  • The if statement.
  • Using the else clause with if statement.
  • The switch statement.
  • Using the? Operator.
  • the while statement.
  • the do while statement.
  • The for statement.
  • Breaking out of loops.
  • Nesting loops.
  • Summary.
7. Disk Access, I/O,Math and Mail
  • HTTP connections.
  • Writing to the browser.
  • Getting input from forms.
  • Output buffering.
  • Session handling.
  • Regular expression.
  • Common math.
  • Random numbers.
  • File upload.
  • File download.
  • Environment variables.
  • E-mail in PHP.
8. Functions
  • What a function.
  • Defining a function.
  • Returning value from function.
  • User-defined functions.
  • Dynamic function calls.
  • Variable scope.
  • Accessing variable with the global statement.
  • Function calls with the static statement.
  • Setting default values for arguments.
  • Passing arguments to a function by value.
  • Passing arguments to a function by reference.
  • Testing for function existence Arrays.
  • Single-Dimensional Arrays.
  • Multidimensional Arrays.
  • Casting Arrays.
  • Associative arrays.
  • Accessing arrays.
  • Getting the size of an array.
  • Looping through an array.
  • Looping through an associative array.
  • Examining arrays.
  • Joining arrays.
  • Sorting arrays.
  • Sorting an associative array.
9. WordPress
  • Detail discussion of a component, module and complete workflow of word press.
  • How to create widget & module.
  • Customization of existing component and modules.
10. Smarty
  • Discussion of Smarty.
  • Discussion of variable and function and its uses.
  • Practical application of Smarty.
11. Pear
  • Discuss framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components.
  • Discussion of pear.
  • Practical application of pear in combination with Smarty.
12. Working with the File System
  • Creating and deleting a file.
  • Reading and writing text files.
  • Working with directories in PHP.
  • Checking for existence of file.
  • Determining file size.
  • Opening a file for writing, reading, or appending.
  • Writing Data to the file.
  • Reading characters.
13. Cake PHP
  • Discussion of cake PHP framework.
  • Model, View, Controller Architecture.
  • View Helpers for AJAX, Java-Script,  HTML Forms and more.
  • Built-in Validation.
  • Application Scaffolding.
  • Application and CRUD code generation via Bake.
  • Access Control Lists.
  • Data Sanitization.
  • Security, Session, and Request Handling Components.
  • Flexible View Caching.
  • Practical application of cake PHP framework.
14. Working with Forms
  • Forms.
  • Super global variables.
  • The server array.
  • A script to acquire user input.
  • Importing user input.
  • Accessing user input.
  • Combine HTML and PHP code.
  • Using hidden fields.
  • Redirecting the user.
  • File upload and scripts.
15. AJAX
  • Introduction to AJAX.
  • Introduction to XML Http Request Object.
  • Method and Properties of XML Http Request.
  • Application of AJAX in web application.
16. Zen Cart
  • Introduction to Shopping Cart.
  • Introduction to Zen Cart open source.
  • Discussion of various module of Zen Cart.
  • Customization of existing template and module.
17. Working with Regular Expression
  • The basic regular expressions.
  • PCRE.
  • Matching patterns.
  • Finding matches.
  • Replace patterns.
  • Modifiers.
  • Breakup Strings.
18. Classes and Objects
  • Objects oriented programming.
  • Define a class.
  • An Object.
  • Creating an object.
  • Object properties.
  • Object methods.
  • Object constructors and destructors.
  • Class constants.
  • Class inheritance.
  • Abstract classes and methods.
  • Object serialization.
  • Checking for class and method existence.
  • Exceptions.
  • Summary.

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What Will You Learn With Our PHP Training in Chandigarh


You Would Get an Understanding Complete PHP How to Link with Database, How to create Forms,Understanding on Java Script Jquery MYSQL, CSS, HTML with Advanced Level Knowledge.


After Understanding all the Concept of PHP, You Would be able to Plan According to the Requirement of a Project and ask the Development Team to create the Design Accordingly.


One the Plan is ready and Design Comes to You, You can Start Implementing the Coding plan as Per the Need and make it Responsive with Your Knowledge.

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