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Webliquids is a leading multi-process [QMS ISO 9001:2015] IT company based in
Chandigarh. Founded in 2014, this firm has been delivering a full range of IT / Educational services and marketing services to worldwide clients. We have a passionate marketing and development team with wonderful vary of skills, deep vertical industries experience and excellence in advanced technologies.Members of Webliquids have diversified work experience history such as BPO, Tech Support, Digital Marketing, Server Support, Data Entry, Chat Support, KPO, Content Writing, Video Editing and Networking.



To provide trusted and consistent Education / IT / services to worldwide clients and students. We aim to offer remarkable customer experience by delivering valued services.


    • Our mission is to train each individual to become a market professional.
    • Understand clients’ specific needs and enhance their business performance in minimum budget


We are committed to absolute integrity, transparency,superiority and customer satisfaction. Our collective efforts enable clients’ to achieve their goals timely.

Why Our Courses

India is one of the fastest growing populations in Terms of Internet Users, Which is around 190 million as of July 2014 and this trend is growing rapidly. India is already holding the third place in the count of Internet Users in the world; Where China has 620 million and the US with 275 million users.

What’s Important to Know Here are Few Facts

  • It took 20 years to know about the Internet and to reach 100 million users in India. The second 100 million will likely be reached within three years, and the third 100 million in less than a year.
  • India is at no 2 Position in using social networking Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. And 58000 users Join Social Networking sites every day.
  • E-commerce is shifting users from shopping stores to go shopping online.

However, Internet Marketing is Just at Its Initial Stage in India. As the Trend says every business is going online and in future, the Success of any Business would total Depend on how strong their Online Customer Base and their Online Marketing Strategies Are? Now as we understand How businesses are Growing and Making Millions.

It brings us to an Interesting Question – AreI We Adapting What’s Coming in the Future?

If you still don’t have any Answer to this or Know Just a Little

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Who Are We?

WebLiquids is an Advanced Web Educational Training Center that works on the Above Concept and follows the Future to meet the Requirements of Different Industries.

What We do?

We provider Web Education Training including

  • Digital Marketing Training in Chandigarh
  • SEO Training in Chandigarh
  • PPC Training in Chandigarh
  • Web Designing Training Course in Chandigarh
  • Word Press Training etc (to Corporate, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Students.)


You Can Contact Us @ +91-9501293387 | +91-7508920783 | 01724023733 For any Further Queries.

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