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android training 1Android Interview Questions 

1) What is Android?

It is an open-sourced operating system that is used primarily on mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. It is a Linux kernel-based system that’s been prepared with rich components that permit developers to craft and run apps that can perform both basic and advanced functions.

2) What Is the Google Android SDK?

The Google Android SDK is a toolset that developers need in order to write apps on Android permitted devices. It contains a graphical interface that matches an Android-driven handheld environment, letting them to test and debug their codes.

3) What is the Android Architecture?

– Linux Kernel
– Libraries
– Android Framework
– Android Applications

4) Describe the Android Framework.

The Android Framework is a significant aspect of the Android Architecture. Here you can find all the classes and methods that developers would need in order applications on the Android environment.

5) What is AAPT?

AAPT is short for Android Asset Packaging Tool. This tool provides developers with the skill to deal with zip-compatible archives, which include crafting, extracting as well as viewing its contents.

6) What is the significance of having an emulator within the Android environment?

The emulator lets developers “play” round an interface that acts as if it were a real mobile device. They can write and test codes, and even debug. Emulators are a safe place for testing codes predominantly if it is in the early design phase.

7) What is the use of an activityCreator?

An activityCreator is the first step towards the formation of a new Android project. It is made up of a shell script that will be used to craft new file system structure essential for writing codes within the Android IDE.

8) Describe Activities.

Activities are what you denote to as the window to a user interface. Just as you craft windows in order to show output or to ask for an input in the form of dialog boxes, activities play the same role, though it may not always be in the form of a user interface.

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9) What are Intents?

 Intents show notification messages to the user from within the Android-enabled device.

10) Differentiate Activities from Services.

Activities can be closed or finished anytime the user wishes. On the other hand, services are intended to run behind the scenes and can act freely. Most services run endlessly, regardless of whether there are certain or no activities being executed.

11) What items are vital in every Android project?

– AndroidManifest.xml
– build.xml
– bin/
– src/
– res/
– assets/

12) Importance of XML-based layouts?

The use of XML-based layouts provides a steady and somewhat standard means of setting GUI definition format.

13) What are containers?

Containers, as the name itself implies, holds objects and widgets together, depending on which exact items are wanted and in what specific arrangement that is wanted. Containers may contain labels, fields, buttons, or even child containers, as instances.

14) What is Orientation?

Orientation, which can be set using setOrientation(), commands if the Linear Layout is represented as a row or as a column. Values are set as HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL.

15) What is the significance of Android in the mobile market?

Developers can write and register apps that will precisely run under the Android environment. With the growing popularity of Android mobile devices, developers can take advantage of this trend by crafting and uploading their apps on the Android Market for circulation to anyone who wants to download it.

16) What do you think are some disadvantages of Android?

 One app that runs on this version of Android OS may or may not run on another version. Another disadvantage is that since mobile devices such as phones and tabs come in different sizes and forms, it poses a task for developers to create apps that can adjust properly to the right screen size and other varying features and specs.

17) What is adb?

Adb is short for Android Debug Bridge. It permits developers the power to execute remote shell commands. Its basic function is to permit and control communication towards and from the emulator port.

18) What are the four important states of an activity?

– Active – if the activity is at the forefront
– Paused – if the activity is in the background and noticeable

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19) What is ANR?

ANR is short for Application Not Responding. This is a dialog that appears to the user whenever an application has been insensitive for a long period of time.

20) Which essentials can occur only once and must be present?

Among the dissimilar elements, the and elements must be present and can ensure only once. The rest are elective and can occur as many times as desirable.


Android Interview Questions
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