6 Months Industrial Training Chandigarh for Web Designing

Best 6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh for Web Designing: Web Liquids is one of the finest institute in Chandigarh which provides the best 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh for web designing to students who wants to make their career in the field of web designing. Web Designing Institute Chandigarh provides multiple training courses like, SEO, PHP, PPC, Web designing, Web development etc. Web liquids are the best institute for industrial training and provide the best 6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh for Web designing and became the excellent in IT field.

6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh for Web Designing

Web designing is the planning, Creation and updating of websites which include information website structure,architecture,navigation,website structure, user interface,colors,website layout, contrasts ,imagery and fonts and icons design as well. In the mean time Web designing has a wider scope in the present time and having good career opportunities in this field but the knowledge of every concept must require.

Web liquids provides you that best industrial training in web designing which very much helpful for students to work as a designer in any company and helps to earn a good amount with successful career opportunities.

Whether you are bachlore, masters, and fresher or having interest in the field of web designing then Web liquids the advanced institute of industrial training in Chandigarh welcomes you for best web designing course. We provide the learning environment in our institute and introduce you with new technologies of working which very much helpful for working smoothly and knowing about technologies which are used in the present time.

6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh for Web Designing

For the best career must contact us and see yourself our working criteria and make your future bright with us because your success your progress is the only goal of our institute.

Syllabus – Best 6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh for Web Designing

In this training for web designing we covered each and every concept which is required for the best website designing .Syllabus based on latest techniques with effective solutions of the problems provided by us. The syllabus below discusses provided by us:

Six Months Industrial Training in Web Designing

Session 1st

  • Photoshop: Basic of photoshop,tools used in Photoshop, simple templates design, Menu in photoshop,image effects, different navigation bar, design your portfolio page, design a high web designing from scratch, unique desktop layout, design a cool photography portfolio
  • Flash: Understanding animation for web, animation concept FPS,working with tools, Flash interace,creating basic animation frame by frame, shape animation, creating animation using onion skin, shape animation, understanding and creating symbols for animation, understanding movie clips, motion twin animation, motion guide animation, using rotate, alpha effects in animation, working with color pallet, adding sound to animation, adding sound to buttons, creating effective web banners, importing images from other software, creating web buttons, creating web advertisement, creating interactive web presentation
  • HTML:{Hypertext Markup Languages} Introduction,editors,Basic,Elements,Attributes,Heading,Paragraphs,Formating,Head,links,CSS,Image,Tables,Blocks,Layout,Forms,Iframes,colors,colourValue,Enitities,Javascript,Encode,Quick List,Summary,HTML and XHTML
  • HTML5: Intro, new elements, Canvas ,Drag/Drop,Geolocation,Viedo,Audio,Input types, form attributes, form elements, form attributes,Semantic,App Cache, Web Workers,SSE
  • CSS {Cascading style sheets}: Basis,HOME,introducation,Syntax,Id and Class,Backgrounds,Text,Fronts,Links,Lists,Tables
  • CSS Box Model: Border, Outline, Margin, Padding

Session 2nd

  • CSS Advanced/CSS3: Grouping/Nesting, Dimension, Display, Positioning, Floating, Align, Pseudo-class, Pseudo-elements, Navigation Bar, Image Gallery, Image Gallery, Image Opacity, Image Sprites, Media Types
  • CSS Attr Selectors: Introduction,Border,Backgrounds,Gradients,TextEffects,Fronts,2DTransforms,3DTransforms,Transitions,Animations,Multiple Columns
  • Dreamweaver: Exploring Dreamweaver Interface, working with panels, planning and setting web site structure, understanding and switching views, using property inspector, Creating Web pages,Formating text, creating web pages, Hyper Linking pages, External linking, Anchor and Email Link, Merging cells, Inserting Tables, Working with images, Image Linking, Understanding jpg and GIF file format, creating rollover images, working with forms, inserting flash swf file in web pages, working with forms, validating forms, working with spry menu Bar, creating and working with templates, creating tabbed panel, using bahaviors,creating collapsible panel, creating table less website using CSS, creating interactive website
  • Responsive: Using HTML5, Using Bootstrap
  • FTP-Uploading Site: How to use FTP, Setting FTP, Uploading of site, Using Control panel.

Scope of Web Designing: Best 6Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh for Web Designing

As everybody knows the importance of IT and digital marketing the present time and there is a lot of scope of Web Designing after this sex month course you worked as:

  • After training in web designing you worked as graphic designer
  • Worked as Interface designer
  • Software engineer
  • Website designer
  • Worked as a BI engineer
  • Worked as a developer for companies while sitting at home
  • Worked in the field of teaching as HTML and CSS trainer and also web designing trainer
  • Worked as a freelancer after this industrial training

Why choose WebLiquids for the best 6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh for Web designing

As best IT Company and Industrial Training Institute Web Liquids provides multiple course in the field of IT and digital marketing. We worked with years and developed the study level of our and provides you the difference and best education as compare to others that’s only we are different and best our field:

  • We provides practical as well as theoretical which is very much beneficial for understand the each concept of web designing
  • Practical training based on live projects which is very much useful to work with companies
  • Our syllabus based on latest technologies introduced in the market at present time
  • We also provide the study material of the training
  • We have no hired faculty only IT experts of our company deals with industrial training
  • We are professional and believes in professnilusim and worked according to our profession
  • We provides you the complete corporative and friendly environment so that our students are comfortable in study
  • ISO certified institute web liquids provides you the certificate after completing the training
  • Industrial training started from the very basic which helps to understand every concept clearly and depthly
  • We also provide Demo classes before training for your satisfaction
  • We never deals with batch system you are free for working whole day.

Being a best IT company and training institute in Chandigarh our only motive is to make technically and conceptually our student best in the field of IT. We provide the best Web designing training which is very much useful for making a good career with lots of job opportunities. We are the best institute in Chandigarh by name, fame and with our good education. Be the part of us and touch the sky and make your own identify in the crowd.

6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh for Web Designing


As above we learn about Web designing and its scopes, and from there it is clear that how beneficial it is for the good career opportunities. While seeing the important of web designing we start giving the industrial training in this field. We provide the best training in IT which is helpful for choosing the right way for your career.

For any query regarding web designing training in Chandigarh just contact 01724023733 and find solutions and go for a better future with us.

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Best 6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh for Web Designing
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