Best 6 Months Industrial Training in PHP in Chandigarh

Best 6 Months Industrial training in PHP in Chandigarh: Web liquids is one of the famous institute in Chandigarh which is only organized to provide the Best 6 Months Industrial Training in PHP in Chandigarh for the students who are interested in PHP course.

Web liquids is an ISO Certified institute which gives best industrial training in multiple courses like Digital Marketing,SEO, PPC, Web development, Web designing etc. Our finest training institute provides the best 6 Month Industrial Training in PHP in Chandigarh and became one of the perfect training institutes.

6 months Industrial Training in PHP in Chandigarh

PHP {hypertext preprocessor} is one of the most important language with contain HTMI, CSS,J- Quarry, Java Script, PHP codes etc.It is a wider concept to understand. Before PHP the knowledge of above contents must requires. Present time most of IT work based on PHP that’s means it is so important for the students who complete their education in the field of IT {information technology}.

For the good jobs you must have the knowledge of PHP. Many students ask which the best institute for the PHP training? For them web liquids is the only answer which provides the best PHP Industrial Training. It is the most famous institute and an IT company which provides you the best training which very much helpful for your career.

Whether you are graduate, master and want to go for industrial training then we Web liquids welcomes you. Students who haven’t the IT background but want to training in PHP they are also welcome for this training course. We provide you the best environment in our institute and the training is totally on the live projects.

6 months Industrial Training in PHP in Chandigarh

We provide you the best HP {Hypertext preprocessor} in Chandigarh we insures. You are most welcome in web liquids and make your career and make your own identity with us. Your success is the only aim of our Training Company.

Best 6 Months Industrial Training in PHP in Chandigarh – Syllabus

According to the requirement of internet in today’s life everybody wants to understand each and every concept of the IT field. Web liquids provide excellent quality of education the IT field and the following below concepts covered by us under the PHP Training:

Six Month Industrial Training in PHP

Session 1st

  • Introduction of PHP: Meaning , history, The origin of PHP, how PHP is better and its alternatives, how PHP works with the web server, What a PHP script looks like, saving data for later, repeating user input, receiving user input, hardware and software requirement.
  • Introduction to SQL: Connecting to the MYSQL, Finding out about errors, selection a database, finding the number of rows, adding data to a table, Inserting data, Acquiring the value,Entring and update the data, Executing multiple quires
  • Basic PHP Development: How PHP script work, PHP data types, Testing for a specific data type,operators,strining in PHP, Dynamic varaiables,Basic PHP syntax, displaying type information, variable manipulation
  • Cookies{/su_highlight}: Anatomy of a cookie, deleting a cookie, creating quarry string, setting a cookie with PHP, creating session cookie
  • Session {/su_highlight}: Meaning, starting of session, encoding and decoding session variables, passing session, destroying session

Session 2nd

  • Control structure {/su_highlight}: The if statement. The switch statement, using the? Operators, the do while statement, the for statement, using the else clause with if statement, breaking out of loops, nesting out of loops
  • Disk Access, I/O, Math and Mail{/su_highlight}:Writing to the browser, HTTP connections,outputbuffering,common math, file upload, environment variables, regular expression-mails in PHP, getting inputs from forms, random numbers
  • Functions {/su_highlight}: Meaning, defining a function, dynamic function calls, variable scope, returning value from functions, functions calls with the global statement, user-defined functions, passing arguments to a function by value, testing for function existence arrays, passing arguments to a functional by reference, Single dimensional arrays, getting the size of an array, sorting arrays, sorting an associative array, looping through an array, casting array, multidimensional arrays
  • Word Press {/su_highlight}: How to create widget and module, details discussion of comportment, moduel and complete workflow of word press, customization of existing component and modules
  • Smarty {library for creating HTML Templates}[/su_highlight]:Discussion of smarty,practiacal application of smarty, discussion of variable and function and its uses
  • Pear {/su_highlight}: Discuss of pear, framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components, practical application of pear in combination with smarty,
  • Working with the file system{/su_highlight}: Creating and deleting a file, working with directories in PHP ,reading and writing text files, checking for existence of file, opening a file for writing ,reading, and appending, determining file size, writing data to the file, reading characters.

Session 3rd

  • Cake PHP{/su_highlight}: Discussion of cake PHP framework, view helpers for AJAX, java script,HTML Forms and more ,Built –in validation, application scaffording,model,view,controller architecture, application and CRUD code generation via Bake,Acess control lists, data santization,practical application of cake PHP framework,flexiable application of cake PHP framework
  • Working with forms{/su_highlight}:meaning, super global variables, importing user input, using hidden fields, combine HTML and PHP code, A script to acquire user input, the server array, redirecting the user, file upload and scripts,
  • AJAX {/su_highlight}: Introduction, methods and properties of XML Http request object, application of AJAX in web application
  • Zen Cart{/su_highlight}: introduction to Shopping Cart, Zen cart open source, customization of existing templates and module, discussion of various module of Zen cart
  • Working with regular Expression {/su_highlight}: Basic, PCRE, Finding matches, matching patterns, replace patterns, modifiers, breakup strings
  • Classes and objects{/su_highlight}: define class, objects oriented programming, an object, creating an object, methods, object properties, class constants, class in hertaince,abstract,checking for class and methods existence ,exceptions ,summary.

Session 4th

PHP Advance: PHP Arrays multiple, PHP date and time, PHP Include

FTP Uploading Sites: Learning to use FTP, Setting FTP, Uploading site, Using control panel


J-Quarry home,install,syntax,intro,selectors,events,hide/show,fade,slide,animated,stop,callback,chaining,get j-quarry set, add remove,CSS Classes,dimensions,slider

Java script validation: Form validation-mail validation

PHP{Core}: PHP Home, introduction,syntax,install,variables,Echo/print, data types,strings,constants,operators,switch,while loops, for loops,functions,Arrays,shorting arrays and super globals.

6 Months Industrial Training in PHP in Chandigarh Scope of PHP

Everyone wants to be successful in his/her life for that he/she wants to choose field which have wider scope, better career opportunities. And IT is that field which develops most in the present time and following are the scopes of PHP

  • After PHP course you work as a java developer software engineer
  • A very good salary package 5-6 per year after PHP
  • Work with Indian and foreign company as a developer while sitting at home
  • Work as a website developer after PHP
  • 100% work guaranteed after PHP training
  • Work as web designer after completing this training
  • Short term course but with excellence opportunities for best career

6 months Industrial Training in PHP in Chandigarh

Why only Web liquids for the Best Industrial Training in PHP in Chandigarh

We web liquids are the best training institute in Chandigarh for IT {information technology}. We work for years to solve the queries related to IT and training of our students. We provide excellent education to our students. We are best because:

  • We never charged registration fee our guidance related to your future is always free and valuable which helps you to choose the right path for your better future
  • We deals with both practical and theoretical studies because theory for knowledge and practical for working criteria is very much necessary
  • Institute environment is totally corporative and friendly which is beneficial for the student studies and for their working
  • Practical work are always based on live projects of the company because live projects are very much helpful to understand the working criteria of the companies and to learn in better way
  • Topics which we teach you in this training always based on latest technologies which is very much useful to know about the latest technologies
  • Our Institute and company is ISO certified and we provide you the certified certificate after you 6 months training
  • We start the training from the very basic which is beneficial to understand each and every concept related to the training
  • We also deal with the training of digital marketing which is very much in process in present days and having a best career
  • With the training we also provide the classes of personality and skill development which helps students to clear the interview confidently
  • We have no hired faculty , we have IT expert, professional who trained you in the best way

We are the IT Company as well the training institute which only aims to develop the skills and make our students knowledgeable. Web liquids provide knowledgeable PHP training in Chandigarh which is very much useful and helpful for best career.


As above we learn about the industrial training in PHP. We know about its scopes, how much this is beneficial for the better career opportunities. We provide you best training, not we only saying but you yourself come and see our company’s environment and teaching criteria. We are different because our motive is just to make you successful through us.

For the best and successful future or any query regarding PHP training in Chandigarh just dial 01724023733 and find the solutions and make your future bright with us. We are always present here to help you and our staff welcomes you with your problems so that we help you to solve your issues.

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Best 6 Months Industrial Training in PHP in Chandigarh
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