Best Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages

Best twitter tools

Best Free Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages

Among the major and most widespread social networking sites today, the website which has the maximum active members are without any doubt is on Facebook and Twitter. But when it comes to spending time on social media as a part of your internet marketing tactic, Twitter comes out bigger.

Social media is the finest platform to involve and reach out to your spectators. It can exponentially upsurge the number of your website’s traffic and thus increase sales for your company.

When it comes to appealing your followers on Twitter, some people powerfully object the use of automated direct message as a part of the social media campaign. This is because automated messages are less private and lack the honesty of a real human being.

But do you really need to disrespect automated elements just because of this particular reason? The fact is that automated direct message can be a brilliant tool to make your Twitter profile look more updated and kept in sync with all the activities.

Twitter automation tools

can be a brilliant means to rally your social marketing style. But you must understand that these tools should just be used to supplement your primary tactics and not to make it as your only one tool to reach your followers. When used correctly, automated direct messaging tools can deliver brilliant results.When you decided to use the automated elements in your Twitter account, you can select one from these four most useful tools to direct Automated Direct Messages.

When you decided to use the automated elements in your Twitter account, you can select one from these four most useful tools to direct Automated Direct Messages.

Social media is all about engagement, so there’s regularly quite a large discussion about adding any automatic elements to the social media campaign. Because let’s just faced it—no one really wants to follow an account that’s basically a bot. Or do they?

While some of the automation tools do nothing but type your social media profile look like a declaration board, other tackles can be used to sync right into your usual engagement to give it a helpful increase.

Constructing great relationship with your followers on social media is very significant. Twitter is a very influential social network for brands. Linking and engaging with your fans on Twitter fetches out the best results when it comes to business.

One such tactic of constructing this relationship with followers is “automated direct message to fresh followers on Twitter”. Presenting your followers with your contributions in this first welcome message would be the first step to construct this relationship. Your followers would come to know that what will get in profit if they remain to follow you on Twitter.

There are several gears and apps in the market which permits you to send this first direct message. However, some are remunerated and some give dejected results    

These are three permitted and best Twitter tools to send majority direct messages to your Twitter followers.



Socialoopmh is a wonderful Twitter tool. You can use this to drive automatic direct messages in the majority. Not one just DM, you can also use it to timetable tweets, get new followers, p

twitter tips

the program follows spinal and more. So, simply start your Twitter advertising with these tools.

This tool comes without any cost if you go with a basic plan. But there is similarly a specialized plan with lot extra landscapes. You can check the professional plan topographies and see if you can afford. Using this tool with a specialized plan and that will confidently and you a percentage.

How to Set Up Social Oomph Direct Messages

Once you have shaped an account (deceptively no lengthier free for new followers) at Social Oomph, you can set it up by following the steps below.

  1. 1. Use the navigation menu and then go to Social Accounts > Add New Account > Add Twitter. Be certain to log into your anticipated Twitter account beforehand and Approve Access.

Step 1: Approve your wanted Twitter account.

  1. Use the steering menu to go to Social Accounts > Edit Welcome DM and choose your Twitter account. Here, you will see the form to enter your mechanical direct message and a checkbox to mechanically refer a welcome message.

Step 2: Modify your direct message for new followers.

Beneath this system is also an assortment to trail your new followers back or place them in a column to physically favor or discard following them.

Step 3: Mechanically track new followers spinal.

I continuously follow people back for one main aim. As you can see from my automated DM, I give them the chance to interact with me confidentially, and if I’m not following them, they cannot do that too. In overall, I feel that if someone is associated with me, they should be exceptional to cooperate with me privately like they can do on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Pros of Expending Automated Direct Messages

If done properly, you can make your new followers and feel welcome and are a decent line of the message with them right off the bat. With this direct message, I also have the extra bonus of determining new inquiries from bloggers and social media users which have run to about decent topic thoughts for my blog.

Cons of Using Automated Direct Messages

If it’s done correctly, you can put off operators who are anti-automated direct messaging. I have strained out a few differences between direct messages and awkwardly have had some that did not produce a good response. My latest has been all optimistic though.


Twitter DM is a humble tool just to send majority direct messages. By using a short code for names and location, you can monogram the tweet to influence your followers. This tool does not bid more structures. But it is decent if you just need a tool to drive direct messages in the majority.


Tweetmanager is also a good Twitter tool which bids many structures. You can use it to instinctive direct messages to all your followers. It can also be used to timetable tweets, set automatic retweet, auto follow, feed to tweet and numerous more. The design of the tool is not so imposing, but it works really excessive.


Best Free Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages
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