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Are you looking for a bright future? Are you considering digital marketing as a career option?

Then you are Right! For more Practical understanding of how digital marketing institution can help you understand the marketing concept and get you a job in almost any company.

Today, the Internet has totally altered the way people buy products and companies sell their products. From mobile phones to computers, clothes to shoes, books to electronics, people are turning to the Internet to purchase products and services. This has resulted in the progress of innovative ‘dot-com’ companies and eventually create jobs.

As with computer literacy rate, PC ownership, Internet users and Internet penetration rate, the Indian market is developing similar to American or European markets in the rising popularity of e-commerce. Online Marketing most commonly known as Digital Marketing holds great career opportunities in India.

Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

Here we have analyzed and lists the factors that led to exponential e-commerce growth in India and discussed on how it is crafting many new jobs. After going through this list it would be clear how bright the future is of Digital Marketing and you can consider going through a Digital Marketing training in Chandigarh.

Growth of Digital Marketing

Exponential growth in Internet usage in India
A few years back, using the Internet in India was like using high-end technology, only accessible to those who can afford a personal computer and high Internet rates. Today, the set-up has completely changed. With the reduction in PC and broadband rates, the number of Internet users has grown exponentially in the last 10 years.

Online purchasing on rising
E-commerce in India is still in its growing stage. But if we look at the trends in consumer behavior, we can expect a lot to happen in online space in the coming years.

According to Zinnov report, shopping is the third most popular type of search on the Internet. While 77% of the respondents shopped online at least once, in 3 months, over 50% shopped at least once in the last month. 83% of the respondents forecast a rise in online purchases.

The e-commerce market in India
As an increased number of people are showing interest in online shopping, investors find it a worth investing in India. According to Forrester report, the present e-commerce market in India is US $ 1.6 billion (~8800 crore) and it is expected to grow five times by 2018 to US $ 8.8 billion (~48400 crore).

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E-commerce triumph stories India
Many companies in India have entered the online arena and tasted success they never imagined. Indian Railways web portal – IRCTC; online bus booking services like Red Bus; online job portals like Naukri, movie booking, matrimonial services, etc., are a few portals that became a big hit in India. IRCTC received 55.6 lakh bookings in April’12 matched to 22.6 lakh in April’11, attaining a growth rate of 146% in a year thanks to marketing efforts closely following various network rail marketing news, in order to grow and create a wider known rail transportation service.

NASSCOM made an announcement that it is going to endorse Indian e-commerce and digital advertising companies in the US and European markets. This, itself demonstrates the seriousness of the opportunity in the field of E-Marketing.

With e-commerce developing as a profitable market, companies are increasingly using Internet marketing tactics to gain a competitive advantage. In order for them to stay on the top of the search engine results, adopting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) methods became highly crucial. But for that, it becomes vital to attend Digital Marketing Classes from a recognized Academy.

Without a doubt all the above point to a huge demand for digital marketing professionals. Since this is specialized and necessitates fairly complex skills, it is important to consider a Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh. Whether companies opt for using outside digital marketing firms or in-house digital marketing professionals is tough to predict now. Probably, it does not even matter, what is significant is that there is a tremendous need for digital marketing professionals right now and in the instant future.

Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh

So for all those who want to have a constant career for the next 10-15 years, a career in digital marketing would be the finest choice as the scope of opportunities and career development seems to be high. So seeing the job opportunities that Digital Marketing field provides you must look to learn it from an established Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh.

Boom in Digital Marketing Jobs in India
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