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Codeigniter Training In Chandigarh

You might be looking to make the next big web application. Or you might want to earn a decent living. Or you could simply want to learn. Tick any option then you should definitely go for a CodeIgniter Training in Chandigarh.

What is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is an open-source web application framework which can be used for rapid development without the overhead of having to constantly build reusable components.  Codeigniter provides a fast, extensible foundation for writing complex software. Some of the key features include –

  1. A small footprint which means that it is lightweight and has very little overhead.
  2. Fast performance because of its small footprint.
  3. No configuration is required to get started.

Originally released in 2006, Codeigniter has achieved high adoption rate and a maturity that makes it a production-ready candidate for your next project.  Codeigniter was praised by Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, for being faster, lighter and the least like a framework.

Why Use a Framework Like Codeigniter?

There are 3 basic reasons behind why you should choose Codeigniter and opt for Codeigniter training course in Chandigarh

  1. Reusability and Modularity, where you are avoiding copying and pasting code. We can reuse the components on multiple projects, leveraging a common interface.
  2. Maintainablity, which is highly important if you want others to be easily able to build upon and extend your application. Others will be able to understand your code with ease.
  3. Delegation – You want to focus on delivering value, not creating building blocks for repetitive and common task that others have already completed.

Where is the Codeigniter Training in Chandigarh?

We at Webliquids provide you with the best Codeigniter training in Chandigarh. Our curriculum for the Codeigniter course is designed by keeping in mind the latest & upcoming industry trends and requirements. At Webliquids, we focus on the basics of Codeigniter. Our highly knowledgeable trainers with an experience exceeding 7 years, are always there to clear your doubts.

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Is Webliquids the Best Institute for Codeigniter Training Course in Chandigarh?

 You should know what we offer

  • Our training methods are purely practical. We believe in learning by doing. You will be constantly working on live projects.
  • What is the use of doing Codeigniter Training Course in Chandigarh if you can’t apply it anywhere? That is why we offer job assurance guarantee to you in our codeigniter training in Chandigarh.
  • Job assurance is  100%.  At Webliquids, we prepare you so that you can ace an interview.
  • You will be meeting like-minded people.

Eligibility for our Codeigniter Training in Chandigarh

  • You should have basic & working knowledge of PHP and MySQL as Codeigniter is built in PHP.
  •  Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Tech/M.Tech(IT/CS) or BCA/MCA

What will you be taught in our Codeigniter Training?

  • What is codeigniter
  • Introduction to the MVC pattern in Codeigniter
  • Installing Codeigniter
  • Creating static page controller
  • Generating output with the view
  • Introduction to the models
  • Modelling in Codeigniter
  • Displaying the output using models
  • Introducing Codeigniter libraries
  • Creating forms
  • Validation in Forms
  • Security in Input Forms
  • Displaying the output using libraries
  • Using helpers
  • Output data using helpers

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Duration of our Codeigniter Training in Chandigarh

Focusing on your needs and wants, we have designed different course structures for you –

  1. 6 Weeks CodeIgniter Training in Chandigarh
  2. 45 Days training
  3. 6 Months CodeIgniter training in Chandigarh

Salary for a Codeigniter Expert

According to a report by Glassdoor, a Senior PHP CodeIgniter developer is easily able to earn Rs 62k-67k per month. Someone with good knowledge in Codeigniter earns these attractive incomes.

After completion of our Codeigniter training course in Chandigarh, you will be able to create complex web applications. You will be job ready and will be able to get a job in any top web development companies.

Contact us at +91-95012933879 and book your free demo with us now. Enroll now for the next batch in our CodeIgniter Training Course in Chandigarh.


Codeigniter Training In Chandigarh
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