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Why is Content Marketing Important?

The old saying that content is king might be one of the most overused phrases ever to grace the world of digital marketing; however, it’s fair to say that it’s hung around so long because it’s actually true.

Content marketing seems like it’s going to be easy. You just write a few blog posts or add more pages to your site, right? But when you sit down to really think about it, it’s a lot more difficult than you originally thought. First, you need a solid keyword research plan. Buyer Personas. Bags of creativity. A no-holds-barred approach to writer’s block. A top-notch grammar game. And ideas by the bucket load. Then there’s the competition. A recent Beckon study counted three times leap in the amount of content formed by brands in just a 12-month period, with one single brand generating an enormous 29,000 pieces of original content in one year. See here for more information on what content marketing is: https://www.storygize.com/what-is-content-marketing/.

Despite the difficulties, brands are generating more content than ever before. But, why? Why is content marketing important? What does it add to a digital strategy? And more prominently, what does it bring to the bottom line?

Content is Used Everywhere and for Everything

Jason Demers, CEO and founder of Audience Bloom says that, “For my money, there’s no better long-term tactic than content marketing.” He gives a number of reasons for this view but what’s most convincing is his point that content is use everywhere and effects every other type of marketing approach:

  • Your email content fuels open and click-through
  • Your web content fuels rankings and inspires conversions
  • It’s vital for social media campaigns
  • Essential for blog posts
  • And useful for crafting trust, authority and inaugurating relationships with other brands and businesses.

Great Content Motivates Trust

Content is one way to establish your brand’s integrity and, in turn, aid your audience trust you.” With this power, it’s easy to see that how content marketing drives sales. Simply by comforting consumers, a well-placed piece of content can set your brand apart in a jam-packed marketplace.

Constructing this into a content marketing tactic can be done in a number of ways.

  • Work with an influencer or blogger to approve your product
  • Generate authority branded content
  • Invite a cherished person in your field or industry to contribute their own content to your blog or website
  • Secure a guest post or column of your own on an appreciated website, blog or magazine site
  • Ask happy customers to leave appraisal on your Google My Business listing or other review sites like Yelp or Foursquare

Content Value is Measurable

The standing of any marketing initiative, whether it’s content or advertisements, comes down to how precisely and how easily it can be measure. Director of Editorial Content and Curation at Content Marketing Institute, Jodie Harris cites a CMI Benchmark report which find that 28% of B2B marketers and 30% of B2C marketers now say their content marketing action has reach a mature stage where its contributions to whole business goals can be restrained. On the back of this, 52% of B2B and 51% of B2C marketers expect that blogging will be their most critical policy for attaining success in the upcoming year. This is how much content marketing is important in this business scenario.

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Content Builds Links

If your marketing or sales activity depends on any form of organic search visibility, you need content to help with rankings for exact keywords and link acquisition. Backlinks are an essential component of any SEO campaign, with a few high qualities, applicable links worth their weight in gold. If you’re looking for a company to help you with SEO and need help building your brand, Platform Creator is able to aid you in this.

In today’s fierce battle for page one rankings, great links can only be attain with the aid of stellar content. Whether you craft a great info-graphic, a thought-provoking blog post or must-read eBook. It’s the quality of your content that will regulate whether or not other sites want to link to you. Top sites and influences won’t risk sending their earned traffic. Your way via a link except your content provide something that is a must see. Short of buying links, solid content is the only way to earn those likes and shares, that will see your site moving up the rankings. All these points would clearly justify that how and Why Content marketing is Important.

Why Content Marketing is Important?
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