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Email marketing is all about communicating the fruitful message to the bulk audience through the very common and popular channel that is email. When we define email marketing at the wider level it means to send an email to the probable or new customer. Email marketing is all about to communicate advertisements, business information, offers and discounts and their main motive is brand recognition and promotion.

In general email marketing is all about communicating the fruitful message not only for the one-time sale purpose but to build good and long lasting marketer-customers relationship means if one customer purchase one particular brand and leave, that does not fulfill our purpose. We want him to repeat that particular behavior again and again and become loyal to that particular brand.



  1. WIDER COVERAGE:- if an individual has an internet facility he/she can check his /her email at any part of the world. The main thing is that the marketer has to consider what type of target audience he is looking for.
  1. QUICK RESPONSE:- Nowadays everybody checks his/her email frequently. Whenever he/she can view that particular email the marketer get his response. In a digital sense, if a marketer sends email to one thousand people and if the 1% of that audience open the email click the link and come to his website he got his response.
  1. ECONOMICAL TECHNIQUE: – EMAIL Marketing is very economical and cheap as compare to traditional marketing. The cost of per email to the marketer is very less as compare to any other mode of communication.
  1. CUSTOMIZATION: – In EMAIL marketing email can be drafted in any format according to the need of marketer. There is as such no standard format for it.
  1. SHARING: – If the user is convinced with the information then he can share this email with other people in their social network group. It will also help the marketer to get information about the probable or new customer.
  1. FOCUSED ON RIGHT AUDIENCE: – Once the database is ready after getting the valuable information about the user it will help the marketer to pitch the right audience and get the best results.

Webliquids provides best email marketing training programs in Chandigarh. We will train you on the advanced email marketing strategies and offer you advanced email marketing training programs to use mailers as an effective marketing medium. The training covers all the features of email marketing – email metrics, landing pages, spam and blacklists, mailing lists, marketing automation and much more.


Email Marketing Training Course


#1 Understanding the Possibilities of Email Marketing

♦  History and evolution of email marketing

 Email Marketing defined

 Using email in your marketing mix

 Reaping the benefits of email marketing


#2 Email Marketing Basics

  The key components of an email marketing plan

  An introduction to lists and other key concepts

  Common definitions of email marketing

  How to easily define your email marketing goals

  What you need to know to succeed

  LAB: Developing email marketing goals


#3 CAN SPAM Laws & Permissions

   Why permission is the foundation of any successful campaign

   Becoming a trusted sender

   Understanding the role of the ISP in deliverability

   Developing email content in accordance with consumer interaction

   How to minimize Spam complaints


#4 Understanding Email Service Providers

Intro to ESP’s

   Feature sets of different ESPs and what is right for you

   How to determine appropriate costs of email marketing

   Fully managed ESP solutions


#5 Designing an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

   How to come up with broadly based objectives

   Narrowing your overall objectives and organizing your content

   Determining the proper format of your emails

   Branding your emails to enhance your image

   Text emails v/s image emails

   How to handle unsubscribe


#6 Building an Email List & Maintaining Your Database

   Where and how to collect contact information

   Deciding on what information to collect

   Offering incentives to signup

   Understanding the different types of email lists

   Building vs buying your email list

   Scrubbing your lists


#7 Creating Actionable Email Content

   How to make sure your offers are valuable

   Writing an effective call to action

  Finding help with content creation

  Giving your email content inherent value




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