Why Email Marketing is the Key to Success?

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Why is Email Marketing the Key to Success?

Email marketing is surely one of the most cost-effective and fastest emerging e-marketing tools. This channel of communication makes marketers lives easier and aids companies generate higher incomes. When successfully executed, email marketing is also one of the easiest and most operative methods to deliver your brand directly to your targeted audience. This is why Email marketing is the key to success for your business.
When compared to mobile marketing, social media marketing, and other mainstream channels, one may debate that email is less effective. However, when done in the right way, the ROI achieved via email marketing can almost double the ROI generated through other marketing tools that companies try to develop from.
If you have no idea how to make use of this powerful marketing tool, you may have a bad experience and a fail. There is no precise flow for email marketing as it consists of all the finest practices – so in order to be successful in email marketing, you should be following the best practices closely.
When it comes to the long-term development of any business, building an email tilt should be a top priority. Here are the reasons why and these reasons would justify that how Email marketing is the key to success

1. Email remains to outperform social media channels

Everyone knows that social media is a great platform for distributing content and marketing messages because it is where your potential customer’s hangout. But since everyone believes this, social media networks are becoming very noisy.

A McKinsey & Company study even points out that email marketing is still 40x more operational than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to producing a sale. This is because, with email, you can take the conversation to a more personal space; their inbox.

Now social media networks are also informing their algorithm which makes it harder for businesses to reach their audience.

2 . A more cost-effective marketing channel

Sending emails doesn’t cost you anything. You can simply send emails to your customers using Gmail. Even better yet, use a more professional email account from your domain name. Personal emails from the founder or director will certainly build the trust of your customers.

Ok, that may not be scalable. Sending emails to hundreds of customers will absolutely take a lot of time. That’s what email marketing platforms are for. There are free and low-cost platforms that work great with your online store.

These email marketing platforms provide you with tools to simply create professional newsletters and send out to everyone on your email list.

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3. Repeat customers will spend more than new customers

Repeat customers are the key to a gainful business. They already trust your business, therefore, don’t need much convincing to purchase from you again. But to keep them from purchasing from you, you have to keep the relationship going. That is where email comes into play.

Keep in touch with your customers through email. This adds up with #2. Email is quite a low cost and you can use it to inspire repeat purchases which will result in a much better return in your investment. Utilizing customer loyalty programs, like those of Epsilon, can also help to drive repeat business.

4. Email energies traffic and sales

With the potential to communicate your messages to precise segments on your email list, you can use your email list to reach your customers in a wide variability of ways.

Here are some ideas:

• Newsletters provide your audience with the latest info on new products
• Special occasion emails for birthdays and holidays
• Abandoned cart reminders confirm that customers come back and complete their purchase
• Reward loyal customers with exclusive concessions
• Get response from customers and use it as testimonials
Online store solutions like Easy Store, allows you to automatically sync your customer database with email marketing platforms.

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5. Email is content marketing’s best friend

Content marketing is a tactical marketing activity whereby businesses craft and distribute content that their audience find valuable. Businesses can draw more courtesy by providing applicable education such as tips on how to make the most out of your products. Content marketing can give you the authority in your niche as well as belief with the audience.

That is why gathering email addresses from everyone who visits your web store is so significant. It gives you a way to keep in touch and follow up with your audience over time and shape the relationship. These are the reasons that clearly signifies how Email marketing is the key to success.

Why Email Marketing is the Key to Success?
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