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Avoiding Google PenaltiesHow to Avoid Google Penalties and Help Your Website?

yyou can avoid the Google penalties and protect the SEO health of your website? In this post you learn about it. This topic is a vital lesson for everyone who has relation with this field, because the search engine penalties are affecting all websites which are unhealthy according to the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.Our SEO Training Program would help you understand these concepts in details.  Search engine penalties are affect your website if you are not following the algorithm updates. With every new updates of Google algorithms seems tighten its standards and catch the more websites which are not following the Search Engine guidelines, make them drop their ranking.

In this SEO Tutorial you Would learn:

  • The 4 main types of Google penalties that you should be aware of
  • Why websites get penalized
  • Guidelines for avoiding Google penalties: Penguin, Panda and Payday Loan
  • About Manual Action Penalties

How to Avoid Google Penalties and What are the Penalties to Avoid?

Anything in your website which directly violates the Google webmaster’s guidelines can penalize your website. Don’t try to fool the cute black and white animals, because if you suffering from the Google penalties than it will be costly for you and don’t easy to recover it.

The Google penalties hit your ranking slightly and semi-permanently explosion your website from the search engine’s index. Google penalties are not a deal to have fun but you should follow the steps which minimize the factors and contribute the Google penalties. For this you should understand the basic and most common reasons because of sites get penalized and lose their ranking from results page (SERPs).

Google Panda Penalties

What is Google Panda Penalty

Since February 2011 Panda has been part of Google Algorithms. The aim of Google Panda update is to prevent the low quality content websites to rank hire in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). If Google think that your website’s content is low quality than you may get penalize by the Panda algorithms and it will harder to get a higher rank on SERP. Examples:- Low quality content, no add value or text, no rich content, no original text and duplicate content etc.

How to Avoid a Panda Penalty

PayDay Loans Google Penalty

How to Avoid a Payday Loan Penalty

In this update, it targets the web spam. You can clear these types of activities, beyond just losing the organic ranking on Search Engine Results Page.

Manual Penalty

Manual Actions For Penalty

it’s possible for Search Engine employee to manually cause your website up and down in the Search Engine Results.

How to Avoid a Manual Action Penalty

The manual action could be anything if there is a direct violation of Google guidelines. If they apply a Manual penalty, they will notify you. 

How You Can Check If Your Website is Suffering from penalty.


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How to Avoid Google Penalties and Help Your Website?

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