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How to Structure Your Website

How to Structure Your Website

The structure strategy of a website is the most important and essential part for creating any website. We cover this topic in our post. So, don’t miss this. In this you learn about that, How to organize your website content in an effective way which helps you too clearly and easily communicate with search engine about your topic. Good site structure and proper internal linking helps you to get higher rank on search engine with your desire keywords and phrase. In this you learn about our recommended and most important technique “Siloing” including why it’s important, what it is? And also learn two structuring approaches for your website into SEO silos. Let’s starts…..!

What Is Siloing?

In order to get well rank for your website in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) through both keywords broad and long tail keyword (Phrase), your website must have to organize the content clearly to support relevancy for those terms. Search Engines determine your site’s main topics with the closely look of your site structure and whether the content is enough for keyword supporting.

How to Structure Your Website

For Example: – Think about the farmers how they organize their harvests of wheat, oats, barley etc. Farmers store the each specific type of grain in separate silos for caring the integrity of their products. 

Siloing a website means group together the related pages, either structurally or through link building, to establish your website keywords related themes. Much like farmers store different type of grain in separate silos, webmasters can also silo your website to differentiate your websites various content themes and tells the search engine clearly what about your site is.  

The siloing your site strategy improves your web pages relevancy for your required search terms. The links are used strategically in your websites focused sections and Page rank passed between related pages and landing pages. 

Search engine gives the top rank as an award to sites which have good and clear website structure and your topic relevancy with visitors query. That doesn’t means you have exact match keywords phrase in your website. By Google Panda algorithms, give rewards to the quality content, you should build your website themes based on keywords not with the keywords phrase only. According to siloing strategy content is essential or most important for SEO.

How to Structure Your Website – Physical Siloing?

There are two ways to Siloing a Website.

  1. Physical Siloing through the Directory Structure.
  2. Virtual Siloing through the Linking Structure.

Let first discuss about Physical Siloing.

The URL address of a web page tells the important clues to both user and bots about the page. 

What Is Virtual Siloing?

Virtual Siloing helps you to know about how to link pages with other pages (internal linking) link structure of a site is created.

  • Connect groups of related pages together.
  • Separate Unrelated Pages.
  • Strengthen the primary landing pages of each silo.

 The linking between pages which shows the relation of related topic and theme, you consolidate the relevancy of themes with your website section. 

How to Structure Your Website

The landing pages always link with their support pages and support pages also link with their silo landing pages. The cross link between Silo landing pages always avoided.  The below diagram shows you appropriate and inappropriate internal linking of a siloed website.

How to Structure Your Website

The good and careful linking of your website shows the relationship between all pages, reveals the topic structure of your website and your keywords relevancy strength of main landing pages, which you want to show in search engine results page (SERPs). This shows that for search engines better ranking how Siloing leads.  

How to Structure Your Website with SILO

The process of Siloing a website is briefly described below in four steps: –

  • Determine the Overarching Themes for your Website: – You should better understand your content and plan, what about it is. We recommend you to consider your theme with the keyword research.
  • Choose your Siloing Strategy: – in this step, you decide how to implement your website structure.
  • Implement and build your silos: – Publish the high-quality content of your web page which in high-quality event keywords phrases for each silos theme. 

Through this important lesion you are seeing your website with new eyes. The, website structure of your site helps the search engine spiders to clearly understand the content themes and crawl it without any confusion.

How to Structure Your Website
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