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How to use keywords in content

How to Use Keywords in Content

Keywords are the most important part of any website or webpage content that is why it becomes very important to understand How to Use Keywords in Content. Its plays an important role for search by the user and crawl by the Search Engine. Google search spider also uses the keywords to search from their index which user (visitors) demands for through keywords.

What we can do through which Search Engine knows that what your keywords are. Search Engine looks for the natural and repeated keywords, phrase when Crawls around a website. These keywords give clues to the search engines, what your site is all about and search engine algorithms confirms it. If your keywords are not relevant with the site content then your website can’t be indexed properly and also can’t get a good rank on Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Where you use keywords in content matters

You should always remember that mentioning the keywords in content of your site should be SEO friendly because, too few keywords tells the search engine what your site is all about. Too many keywords stuffing (Repetition) tell the search engines you are spammer because keywords stuffing are the part of black hat SEO. Your aim should be create uniquely something for user and use the keywords through apply the SEO copy writing guidelines.

SEO Copy-writing Guidelines: Where to Use Keywords in Content

How to use Keywords in Content Webliquids

Use the Keywords in your web pages both sections Head and Body of a page

Once you decide your primary keyword then you should create content in which the phrase or primary keyword are includes. Your main keywords or phrase should be appearing in both sections Head section and Body section in your web page.

SEO Copy-writing Tips for the Head Section

The head section is read by the search engine which is hidden in a web page’s HTML code and it’s critical for the SEO. Which you write in Head section its tells the search engine what your page is all about and also display as a text in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) listings.
It’s those keywords which about visitors searched and appear in bold in the title and search results description which shown as below. Visitors click on this and coming on your site through what they are looking for and bolded within your listing. So you should know about how to write these tags to attract your visitors through your best marketing.

How to use Keyword in Content webliquids

You can see searched keywords and synonyms appear in bolded in results

For best SEO follow the best practice guidelines which are showing below. (Note: – These are not “rules”. Through these guidelines you can make your website SEO friendly.)

  • Title Tag: – The title tag is the useful and most important for your web page. It’s always shown in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) as big blue link. According to the SEO guidelines, the length should be 6 to 12 words, in which not including stop words like “and” “of” “for” “a” “of” etc. So, you should always place your primary keyword at the beginning which user (searchers) can easily see it.
  • Meta Description: – Search Engines always display the Meta Description of any web pages as the black description text, if the description is applicable with the search query. The write sentence or text should be accurately describe the web page content and attract & motivate the searchers to visits your web page or site. You should remember that before Google cutoff; place the keywords including spaces within the 160 characters. One more thing you should set in your mind doesn’t use the keywords more than twice.
  • Meta Keywords: – You don’t use the keywords tag for web search ranking says by the Google and recommended it as a best practice. You should list the keyword phrases separate by commas with in order from longest to shortest and capitalized the each words first latter. According to the guidelines length should be 24 to 48 words, with no use of single word more than 4 times.

SEO Copy-writing Guidelines for the Body Section

What is mention in Head section should be explained by Body section. The Body section tells you about what the visitors and users see when they visit your web page and provide them which about they are searching for. Write the content in the natural language which full fills the requirements of keyword usage and being natural. These SEO guidelines tell you where and how to put the keywords: –

  • Headings: – You should write a headline for your web page with H1 heading tag, it’s an important and useful signal what is the web page about. It should include your Page title and your main keyword. You can also create the heading tags with H2 and H3 to headings in a sequence in your web page break text content.
  • First words: – The first 200 words are most important and useful for us. Because most commonly people read these 200 words and never scroll down to read. So, you should use the main keyword or phrase with bold at once in 200 words which attract the user who is searching for the same phrase.
  • Body text: – Your body text should be sound naturally when any user or visitors read your content. Keywords should be mention in the body text naturally because unnecessarily use of keywords is not SEO friendly. If you want user stay on your web page then your content should be in natural language. You should not force the keywords where they won’t give the natural sound.
  • Clarifying words: – Clarifying words should be near the keywords or phrase with in the first 200 words and throughout your all content. Clarifying words should be word-stemming variations (e.g., writing, write, writer, writes) synonyms and closely associated words to clarify the context and meaning of keyword’s (e.g., web, copy, content etc rather than the fiction with keyword “writing”).
  • Images: – Images and Rich media also plays an important role for great content to get higher rank. An image’s file name, ALT tag and surrounding text attribute also contribute for get higher ranking on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If you linked an image then search engine treat the ALT attribute as an anchor text. You should always write the ALT attribute of an image which tells the search engine what the images all about. You can use the Keywords name as ALT attribute.
  • Links: – You should link to relevant pages in your website with the using of keyword-rich anchor text when it’s appropriate for user or visitors. However you should not overuse the keywords in your site’s internal linking. You can also set the link of high quality external sites if they are relevant with your web page content. But you should remember one thing place these links after first 200 words.

With above SEO copy-writing guidelines, you know how you can use the keywords in your website or web page content. Now you can easily make your content keywords SEO friendly. If you have a sharepoint website and you want to better track your sharepoint analytics consider using an audit tool. Keep it up.

How to Use Keywords in Content
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