Link Building How to Attract Quality Links


Link Building How to Attract Quality Links

We help you in this post regarding, how to structure your website’s internal linking, it’s time to focus on Linking of your website. You also learn in this post how to get those all-important external links to your website (You use two free tools in this process).

Links are the life blood of Search Engine Optimization from long time. In early ‘90s, Google co-founder Larry Page invented the Page Rank and to determine the ranking by the search engines, Links are the primary way. In today’s time the crucial SEO ingredient is to getting quality links from the other websites (“Back links”) – If the links are natural and safe within search engine guidelines.

 SEO link tools which helps you identify links and you learn more which write below: –

  • Why high-quality backlinks are so valuable.
  • How to develop a link earning rather than link building strategy.
  • What kind of backlinks to avoid.
  • How to attract links that increase your site’s link popularity and rankings.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the incoming links which are coming from another website back to your own site. For evaluating a website’s backlinks (or inbound links or external links) helps the search engines to determine the website’s authority, popularity and relevancy on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

It’s about Link Popularity

In Google’s Page Rank algorithms, each hyperlink acts like a vote of confidence for the web page, similarly to a popularity contest. According to this website should be recommend high quality resources to their visitors or readers and it’s a simple concept behind the Page Rank. For Example: – A site about the stamp collecting might be link with postal service and a marketing blogger site might be link with the SEO tutorial etc. So, you should link your site with the similar niche websites.

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Actually, It’s about Authority, Trust and Relevance

The Page Rank system doesn’t give an equal vote to every link, unlike a popularity contest. Because of some backlinks are having negative impact on your websites ranking. In a Search Engine effort stop to manipulate you website through Page Rank and game system, it’s analyze the links and penalize the site if it’s having unnatural backlink profiles. So, you should know about the search engines guidelines and try to avoid the Google penalties. But for now, it’s enough to say there are –

  • Good backlinks: – Good links are come from the authority websites which are related to your field, experts who write the relevant content related to your topic and these are non-spammy sites. So, we can say that these type of authority websites provides the Good backlinks.
  • Bad backlinks: – Bad links are those which are come from the unrelated websites. Which are not good for your website and make your website unnatural (For example: – Guitar Training website linking to a banking site).
  • Ugly backlinks: – Ugly links are come from link farms, spam sites, which sites known for sell links or having low quality content and put your website in hot water (such as those pages which have list of randomly links and have no text).

Link Scheme

This image is right which tell us the Google description of “link schemes,” some kinds of things which you want to ignore and avoid when you want to link building in your website. You should never buy the links which is not good for your website. You should be safe and never think about link earning.

Always ignore those type of emails which offers you “20,000 links for $29.00” otherwise one day you getting involve in these type of link schemes because some time your website ranking burned down (knowingly or unknowingly).

You should always remember that link popularity is not a number game. Rather than give the importance to quantity of your backlinks you should give the importance to the quality and relevancy of the authorized sites where from these links are coming.

If you link your site with quality and relevant sites than your site become more trusted and authorized by association. So, you should want best and relevant site to link not the quantity of links back to your site. Your sites link always with quality, relevant and same field sites which help your site to authorize by the association.

BONUS Video #2

In order for you to get high quality backlinks, you should and need to have high-quality content.

In this video, Google’s Matt Cutts (sporting a moustache and goatee this day) is telling  why if you build links to your site without having great content is an uphill battle.

BOTH are needed for SEO to succeed.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks

In order for increase your link popularity and earn the SEO ranking from Search Engines, you will attract the links to you website. You want to earn backlinks than you should need to follow the search engine webmasters guidelines. Some best SEO practice for attracting links.

Link Building Strategies That Work


  1. Make High-Quality Content: – You should create the unique content because it’s a key to getting quality inbound links as expert level. If people find the high-quality content valuable which enough to share with others on your website then your website accumulate with back links naturally. So, you should create high-quality and relevant content.
  2. Keep your content fresh: – You should supply the regular new high quality articles or content which helps you to get the people attention. Through Google instructions you should added and updated content over time which is the sign of quality sites. You can do this through regular posting on your posts, build your sites article section, adding supporting pages which freshen your website content, give strength to your brand and helps you to establish your websites authority.
    • Promote your content in social media: – Social media play an important role in SEO. Social media gives you a perfect way in which you publicize your content and attract the traffic on your website or web page. Google posts affect the Google search ranking. If you take time to interact with people to build your audience and traffic than you can get some worthwhile backlinks also.
    • Link to experts: – You should include the top and reputable sites links in your website which are relevant to your field subject. Do this for users because through this you can provide the related resources to the user. The authorized links also helps you to get higher rank on SERP and legitimize your site in Search Engines Eyes, too.
    • Use traditional PR: – Press release links no longer pass the page rank to your website directly, as they once could. (SEO tip: according to the SEO techniques you should rel=”nofollow” attribute on link of the press releases, So, Search Engine won’t look this and don’t crawl this link.) If your journalist writes about your business, product or services in news then it helps you attract the traffic and get higher rank on SERP. Because, high traffic helps you to get higher rank on SERPs. So, it helps for traffic attraction on your site but not provides the high quality links to you.
    • Create videos, Rich content and other shareable objects: If you add the videos whether on your site or upload it on video sharing site such as YouTube, it attracts the viewers. You should also create the rich content of your web pages like: – Infographics, images, PPT, PDF and other multimedia element which become popular and share on web to you. The rich medias helps you to aware the peoples about your brand, give results to you in short time and long term links provides on your website.
    • Be patient, Be Awesome: – Focus on your target to creating the great content, Optimizing the content for SEO and build the relationship within your same field and target communities online. The Backlinks will be following in time. So, Be Patient and Be Awesome.  

How NOT to Get Backlinks

According to the Webmasters guidelines, the following tactics for obtaining backlinks are not good like: – Participating in link farms, Sending mass email requests, purchasing links from paid link sites and having links from Irrelevant or Disreputable websites. All of these tactics are might be “Unnatural”, “Spam” and can be penalized by the Search Engines.

Where Does My Site Stand Now with Backlinks?

To know about your website where it’s currently stands with Link Building. You should try out the two SEO link tools which are written bellow. These are free version tools from our full SEOToolSet® and you can use these tools for compare your web pages with your competitor’s pages, too.

First, here’s how to use the Link Analysis Report:

  • Enter any URL (i.e., a specific web page address, such as and click Link Report.
  • Looking at the report, find out who’s currently linking to a page on your site.
  • Enter a competitor’s ranking web page to discover links that may be helping boost that site in the SERPs. (SEO Tip: A site that’s relevant for your competitor may also be relevant for your web page, so that may be a relationship worth starting.)

Secondly, here’s how to use the Pages Indexed and Inbound Links Report

  • Enter any URL and click Status Report.
  • See how many pages search engines have indexed for your site domain. (Note: If the number seems too low, make sure your pages all show up in your XML Sitemap, as explained in Step 9, and refer to Step 8 for how to submit your site to search engines.)
  • The Inbound links report also shows the backlinks report and tells how much it is on specific page which URL you entered for.

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Link Building How to Attract Quality Links
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