Long Tail Keywords | How to find Long Tail Keywords


Long Tail Keywords

A better way to connect with customers

Long Tail Keywords are a sort of keyword phrase that has at least three and more words in the same phrase. Visitors are more likely to use when they are closer to a point of purchase. These keywords used when website wants to clarify search terms to the web page and when searcher is looking for something different.

Research is the major way to know about keywords whether they are working or not. These keywords are highly different and draw less traffic for the website. Visitors use long tail keywords to narrow down what they are searching for.

Two different types of keywords

  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Short Tail Keywords

How to Find These Keywords

If you are not familiar with long tail keywords, here is simple example of the difference between long tail and short tail keywords

  • Long tail keywords ( Ex. Of short tail keyword ) monthly searches 50
  • Long keywords vs. short keyword (Ex. Of LTK ) monthly searches 12
  • Long tail keywords conversion rate (EX. Of LTK ) monthly searches 13
Long Tail Keywords
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