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Manual Software Testing Training In Chandigarh

Webliquids Chandigarh provides Best Manual Software Testing training in Chandigarh based on current industry standards that help attendees to secure placements in their dream jobs at MNCs. We Provide best Manual Testing Training in Chandigarh. It is one of the most trustworthy institutes for Manual Software Testing training in Chandigarh offering hands-on practical knowledge and full job assistance. At Webliquids Manual Software Testing training in Chandigarh is conducted by subject specialist corporate professionals having loads of years experience in managing real-time Manual Testing projects. Webliquids gears a blend of academic learning and practical sessions to give the student finest exposure that aids in the transformation of inexperienced students into professionals that are easily recruited within the industry.

At Webliquids well-equipped Manual Testing training center in Chandigarh aspirants learn the skills for Manual testing, Introduction to Software Testing, Software Development, Life Cycle, Where Exactly Testing is used, Detesting Methodology, Testing Levels, Software Development Models on real-time projects along with Manual Testing placement training. Software has multiple purposes and training in any type of software is essential to building business skills, Microsoft Dynamics POS integration
is software that you can use to connect retail together and better manage your retail business. Training in this type of software may be essential for your business but you may just stick to Manual Testing Training in Chandigarh has been designed as per newest industry drifts and keeping in mind the progressive Manual Testing course content based on the professional necessity of the student; serving them to get placement in Multinational companies and attain their career goals.

Webliquidsis the biggest Manual Testing training center in Chandigarh with high-tech infrastructure and the option of deciding for multiple courses at Chandigarh Location. Webliquids in Chandigarh prepares thousands of candidates for Manual Testing at sensible fees that are customized keeping in mind training and course content requirement of each student.

Manual Testing Course Content in Chandigarh


  • What is Testing?
  • What is Quality?


  • Initial Requirement phase.
  • Analysis phase.
  • Design phase.
  • Coding phase.
  • Testing phase.
  • Delivery and Maintenance phase.


  • Conventional Testing.
  • Unconventional Testing.


  • Black Box Testing.
  • White Box Testing.
  • Gray Box Testing.


  • Unit Level Testing.
  • Module Level Testing.
  • Integration Level Testing.
  • System Level Testing.
  • User Acceptance Level Testing.


  • Waterfall Model.
  • Prototype Model.
  • Evolutionary Model.
  • Spiral Model.
  • Fish Model.
  • V-Model.
  • Agile Model.

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  • Build Verification Testing.
  • Regression Testing.
  • Re-Testing.
  • Alpha Testing.
  • Beta Testing.
  • Static Testing.
  • Dynamic Testing.
  • Installation Testing.
  • Security Testing.
  • Port Testing.
  • Reliability Testing.
  • Adhoc Testing.


  • Test Planning.
  • Development.
  • Execution.
  • Result Analysis.
  • Test Closure Activity.

Manual Software Testing Training in Chandigarh Advantages

1) No Atmosphere Limitations

(Irrespective of the AUT (Application Under Test) atmosphere we can use Manual Test Process if it is Test Mechanization there would be many tool limitations. Such as:-

UFT/QTP doesn’t upkeep Linux Operating Environment.

Selenium doesn’t upkeep Desk Applications Test Automation.

2) Programming Awareness is not required.

In Manual Testing, Understanding Necessities and Documenting Test Cases and Performing Test Cases are the significant tasks, but Programming is not used.

3) Recommendable for Dynamically altering GUI designs.

Graphical User Interface of the Application alters dynamically then Test Automation is not recommendable.

4) Recommendable for the Usability Testing.

(Human user only can critic the look & feel accepts; we cannot check User-friendliness of the System (AUT) using Test utensils.)

5) Manual testing permits for human comment, which may be more useful to find possible defects.

In Manual Testing, User / Tester interrelates more with the AUT then it is easy to find faults and Tester can deliver proposals to the development team.

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Why Choose Us for Manual Software Testing Training in Chandigarh?

  • No Registration Fee.
  • Learn from Industries expert.
  • Practical Training.
  • Practice only on the Live Websites.
  • Get 2 Days Demo Free of Cost.
  • Start from the very Fundamentals.
  • No Batch System.
  • Get Certified.
  • Post Training 100% Job Assistance.

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Webliquids is the best Manual Software Testing Training in Chandigarh Our trainers are highly experienced in Software Testing. Manual Software Testing Training in Chandigarh has been intended as per the modern industry trends and keeping in mind the advanced Software testing course content and syllabus based on the professional requirements of the student, serving them to get placement in Multinational companies and achieve their desired goals.


Manual Software Testing Training In Chandigarh
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