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Want to explore your Business, than you have to dominate the Social Media by distributing enriched media content in effective way. Google+ help you a lot regarding this.Let’s have a look on amazing Google + ways that effectively help you to explore your brand value if you are dying to gain traction on social media:

You should take the Advantage of YouTube Integration with Google+

Having Google+ account but not taking Advantage of its integration with YouTube, you have to. Establishing yourself on the Google+ Conjunctiongoogle+youtube-webliquids

with YouTube makes a Big Difference. If you want to dominate social media for getting higher brand value, do it now. It will help you to reach wider audience out there over the internet. Want Marketing of your Brand, Taking Advantage of the Integration is must.

You must share your YouTube videos on Google+ account to gather more engagement by reaching out more people out there on the Social Media.

Advantage – When you share a YouTube video on Google+, any comment by your Google+ viewers show up as a comment on YouTube Video.

Help you to Increase Your Reach over Internet


You should make email list of loyal audience. For this, you can use HangoutsOnAir. It comes up with free video broadcasting feature that helps you to flush a live audience to your YouTube, of course your YouTube channel is totally integrated with Google+. You can also record your HangoutsOnAir session.

You can also make your own HangoutsOnAir audience channel. This technique using Hangouts On Air drastically take your brand reach to a higher level.

Going On Conversation Using Google+

Google Drive – It is a file management/storage featured service based on cloud computing that help you to share large amount of data/ information with your Google+ audience and followers. googleplus-for-B2B-compnaiesYou can share password protected files and presentations also. Google Drive takes the dimension of content sharing to the higher level. To get all your files from paper onto your Google Drive, you can use a document management software from, this can get them all scanned onto your computer ready for you to store in the order you need.

Safe Keeping of Pictures

Worried about backing up your pictures? Do you know Google+ acts as pictures storage portal, which is a reliable way to safe guard your personal pictures along with highlighting important pictures once uploaded which further you can delete from your phone devices if you want to. You can make Photo Gallery also to enhance them and for easy share.

Extend your Content’s Life

Embedded Posts is a unique Google+ feature that lets you Share your Google+ posts on your Blog. Content LifeBenefits of Embedded your Google+ posts on your is it extends the life of your content over the internet because Content of a post that created on Google+ eventually get lost within/by the news streams. An Embedded Post is a Cross Platform feature that directly tied you to Google Profile of yours. If any of your Google+ follower comment on your Post than it will show both on blog and Google+ profile.

The benefits of embedded posts are it extends the life of your post content because when created within Google+ posts eventually with time lost by the other post’s stream. Embedding that same post on your blog extends the life of the content. HubSpot will help you to do that.

Can Create Animated Videos with Photos

The-right-way-to-share-videos-on-google--Videos are amazing, because they visually attract the people. Auto Awesome is a feature of Google+ that lets you Create Animated Videos using Photos/Videos or even both. This feature of Google+ creates endless possibilities for video makers. Totally Cool.

  • Download the Google+ App
  • Go into Settings > Camera Settings
  • Turn on Auto Backup, Auto Awesome and Auto Enhance.
  • Select your Pictures and Upload them to your Google+ profile.

Wait for some time and then check your photo album. Google+ automatically makes up the video for you.

Marketing with Google plus
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