Marketing with Myspace

Myspace is a place where people come to connect, discover, and share.

Marketing with Myspace

Myspace is a social networking site that allows its users to create their own web pages, blogs videos, and photos. Users can also design their own profiles, showcasing their different talents and tastes.

Like every social web network, Myspace also comes with ample possibilities of being used as a business building tool. Following are the things that every marketer should Love about Myspace.

  1. Horizontal Navigation

New Myspace comes up with horizontal alignment, how exciting people’s profile scroll from left to right (horizontally). Just like how we read books. This feature of Myspace is very exciting because most of the digital device’s screens are horizontally aligned/ oriented. This feature of Myspace makes so much sense. This is one of the rare design ideas, everyone wonder why a large social channel has not chosen this kind of navigation style. 

  1. Visual Search PowerMyspace Serach Webliquids

Another amazing business building feature of Myspace is its Search Box. When anyone searches for a person, brand or may be an artist, the Search Box comes over the entire screen. Your search query comes up in the satisfyingly sized font. This feature provides a social portal for any Brand because every brand search also provides relevant songs and people also. In coming days, 

  1. “Hidden Side” of User Date “Hidden Side” of User Date

From the beginning of registration, Myspace offers some unique questions to the users to describe themselves in a different way. On further proceeding, user got so many unique choices to depict their beliefs and personality

Additional Features of Myspace

  1. Totally Expression – Centric Portal

Entire interface of the Myspace social site is designed around entertainment, music especially. Myspace proves to be a great portal for those, who have entertainment talent & their creations to showcase. Myspace is flooded with Brilliance of “social visualization trends”.

  1. Interactive & Effective Brand PromotionInteractive & Effective Brand Promotion

Myspace is the best place to showcase your talent and creations that’s why more and more musicians, actors, artists, and celebrities also turning to the Myspace to show their creations. Working with these spokespersons proves to a new platform for brands to be a Big Fish in Small Pond. Brands got the chance of standing out with these early adopters’ while getting more and more engagement and media attention also.


For your local business, Myspace proves to be an extension. Customized Myspace profile can be used to provide an overview about your company’s product offerings and services. Myspace is a great social portal to market your business to more than 200 current users. So have your business on Myspace now.


Marketing with Myspace
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