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Phalcon Training in Chandigarh

Have you finished PHP and are looking to expand your skillset? Phalcon should be what you learn next. As part of our advanced PHP industrial training in Chandigarh, Webliquids offer Phalcon Training in Chandigarh

What is Phalcon?

Phalcon is a PHP framework based on the model-view-controller(MVC) pattern. It is separated from other traditional PHP frameworks by the fact that it is written in C and installed as a PHP extension.

The super fast performance offered by Phalcon is what that makes it the framework of choice in today’s time. With time, it has also been well-documented.

Where is the Phalcon Training Course in Chandigarh?

Webliquids is the best institute for Phalcon Training Course in Chandigarh right now. Our curriculum for the course is well structured. We have taken special care to align what we teach with the latest industry trends and standards. Our experienced trainer has been developing using Phalcon and providing Phalcon training in Chandigarh since its release in 2012.

What sets us apart though is –

  • A practical approach. You will only be taught using live projects. We believe in the “learn by doing” philosophy. Theory will also be integrated during the practical sessions.
  • 100% Job Guarantee. Complete our Phalcon training course and we will help you get a job with the industry leaders.
  • Interview training for Phalcon


Are You Eligible for Our Phalcon Training Course in Chandigarh?

You must have good technical skills to be able to learn Phalcon. Since it is a PHP framework, you should have a working knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Further, understanding of the concepts of Object Oriented Programming is required too. A qualification in any field related to Computers will also be an added advantage.

To learn Phalcon, a firm grasp of HTML, CSS, and PHP is required. If you lack in them, don’t be worried. Our Core PHP and MySQL training course will help you master the concepts needed to get started with Phalcon.

Syllabus for Phalcon Training Course in Chandigarh

  • Installing Phalcon
  • Setting up a Phalcon project
  • Handling exceptions and autoloaders in bootstrap file
  • Introducing Model View Controller (MVC)
  • Creating Database
  • Creating controller
  • CRUD scaffolding in Phalcon
  • Examining Post controllers such as create, search, index, new, edit, save, delete, show
  • Examining Post views
  • Handling Data in Phalcon
  • Generating Models
  • Using PHQL
  • Switching and migrating databases In phalcon
  • Using phalcon features
  • Hashing passwords in Phalcon
  • Using view helpers and view partials
  • Setting cookies
  • Controlling user access
  • Caching data in application
  • Using Phalcon’s event manager
  • Routing application requests

Duration of our Phalcon Training Course in Chandigarh

After meticulous planning, we have designed three different course structures –

  1. 6 Weeks Phalcon Training in Chandigarh
  2. 45 Days Phalcon training course – This one is basically a crash course for you to learn Phalcon quickly.
  3. 6 Months Phalcon training in Chandigarh – A course with each topic covered in extreme detail.

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Salary and Scope of a Phalcon Developer

As of now, a decent Phalcon developer can easily earn upwards of Rs 30,000. However, the future of Phalcon is really bright. It is definitely going to be in demand because of the performance advantage Phalcon has over other frameworks.

Webliquids offers Phalcon training courses in Chandigarh. The courses are specifically designed to efficiently maximize your learning. Contact us at +91-95012933879 or visit us at our office at SCO 114-15, Sector 34A, Chandigarh for a free demo. The next batch starts soon.


Phalcon Training in Chandigarh
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