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Photoshop Crash Course

WebLiquids Provides one of the Best Photoshop Crash Course in Chandigarh. In this course, we will tell you about Photoshop. We provide you good theoretical as well as practical training. In Our Photoshop Crash Course, We Will Teach You Step by Step from Basic to Advanced Level. WebLiquids give you proper training and solve your inquiry regarding Photoshop Crash Course in Chandigarh.

It is very good opportunity for someone who really wants to learn more about Photoshop. Our Training Center for Photoshop Crash Course in Chandigarh offers you a number of techniques in this module. If you want to make your future in Photoshop then join Photoshop Crash Course at WebLiquids. If you want to look at some specific features of Photoshop, you can look up phrases like ‘how to whiten teeth in photoshop‘ and go from there.

What is Photoshop Crash Course

Crash Course:

Crash course is a class in which a lot of information is taught in a short period of time. Crash Course is a rapid and intense course of study. We provide you short classes which really give you benefits and our experienced teachers give you proper lecture that will help you learn photoshop basics in first week. Photoshop is an extremely powerful application that is used by many professional photographers and designers. You can use Photoshop for almost for image editing, such as touching up photos, creating high quality and so on.

The Three Legs of Photoshop

  • Layers
  • Selections
  • Color Correction

If you understand, how to multiple those three elements you can accomplish just about anything with Photoshop.

What are the Requirements?

requirements - Webliquids

In this course you need basic knowledge of computer. Do not worry we have Professionals, who will teach you better.


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Chapters of Photoshop Crash Course

  • Basic Navigationchapters
  • Basic Layers
  • Basic Selection
  • Working with Layers
  • Intermediate Text
  • Introduction to the Wand Tool
  • The Magic Wand
  • Lasso Tool and Quick Selection
  • How to Stitch an image too big for the scanner
  • Fixing Scanned Images
  • Basic Color Theory
  • Simple Color Correction
  • Using Multiple Layers to Customize Color
  • How to Sharpen and Blur an Image
  • How to change on Object’s Color
  • Using Layer Modes to Color Correct
  • Introduction to the Clone Stamp
  • Wire Removal
  • Touch up a Face
  • How to take a person out of an Image
  • Taking someone out of focus
  • How to take a person from one Image to another
  • How to match two Images Color

What you can get from this Course?

  • Understanding the Basics

Understanding the basics goes over how to navigate the interface, basic shortcut keys adding text, working with images and other features to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Layers

Layers show you how to combine multiple Images. We can change size of pictures and split them apart and add in color boxes.

  • Selections

Selections start by showing how to remove images from a photograph.

  • Color Correction

With this you can easily change color. It uses this theory to fix complicated photographs. If you want bright color or light color as well as black and white color too then you can change according your choice or requirement.

  • Object Removal

Object Removal, is not just about remove pimple form face. It is also help to remove data stamp from images. It is also covers removing wires and large objects.

  • Beauty Retouching

We show you how to make face expressions, increase the size of an eye or decrease your nose size, remove patches from skin. If you want to change expressions than you can do with it easily.

  • Compositing

In this course you will learn how to remove person’s place and putting another person from that same place.

Course Highlights

Sharpen your skills in the Latest

  • Animation/ Gaming/ Multimedia software and Tools quickly
  • Additions practice sessions
  • Work with High- End studio infrastructure


WebLiquids provides you better opportunities and best facilities regarding this course. Moreover, we also help you a lot in Photoshop and its basics. So do not worry come and join WebLiquids .We also take care of your requirements about the course. Our teachers are well qualified and experienced.

Photoshop Crash Course
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