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PHP MVC Framework Training in Chandigarh

You would have surely heard of PHP, right? You might be at the point where you know how to build small websites or applications or even will have started by putting everything in one single file and then moved on to using the “includes” and requires”. Maybe you might even be familiar with the concepts of DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) to make your code easy to maintain and read.

Now, to learn further, you should start by learning about MVC’s through the Webliquid’s  PHP MVC framework training in Chandigarh.

What Is MVC?

MVC is a design pattern that suggests that you organize your code in such a way that it is properly separated, yet interacts with each other.

MVC is short for Model View Controller. Easily put, the website is divided into three parts  – model, view, and controller. These different parts carry out different tasks. The model is used to fetch the data, the view displays it and the controller is the one managing the process.

Why Use A PHP MVC Framework?

A framework is built on the premise to help other developers to code better and faster. It is a reusable platform to develop software, products, and solutions. A PHP framework provides us with an existing code base to build upon. According to PHP MVC framework training in Chandigarh, a few reasons to use an MVC framework are –

Organizing Code and File

Most of the frameworks out there use the MVC pattern. This allows for separating the business logic from the displayable part of the website, which allows for the structured and reusable code.

Enforcing of good coding standards

 Coding conventions are a set of guidelines that suggest programming style, practices and method. These guidelines result in good code that can be easily maintained.

Utilities and Libraries

 The frameworks taught in PHP MVC framework training in Chandigarh contain a lot of libraries. These libraries provide ease in coding and many tools which help us with form validation, data handling with JSON, session and cookie handling etc


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Less code & faster development

 By using PHP MVC framework, you can develop rapidly. You won’t have to worry about deadlines since you will be writing less code meaning less time spent. It will also be easier to fix bugs, maintain code and make changes to existing code.


Code security is easy to handle by using the PHP frameworks. These frameworks allow you to implement central authentication, Cross Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection and Cross Site Scripting(XSS) protection etc automatically.

Pretty URLs – Easy to read URLs are important from an SEO and UX point of view. Developing pretty URLs is fairly easy in a PHP framework whereas it requires a lot of work in core PHP.

Where Can You Learn PHP MVC Framework?

Webliquids provides courses for MVC frameworks. The trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Our students have voted us as the best PHP MVC framework training in Chandigarh.

Our MVC framework courses are detailed and well structured. We design our courses in such a way that our students are job ready or able to create the next big thing upon course completion.

Why Choose Webliquids?

I have seen many aspiring PHP developers who took PHP MVC framework training in Chandigarh from other institutes. They were knowledgeable about the theory but really poor when it came to developing real apps and websites.

The trainers at Webliquids focus on practical training. We make you work on live projects and don’t restrict you to a theory based approach so that you are comfortable with developing apps in the real world.

Our trainers have years of teaching experience behind them. They have also developed using the PHP MVC frameworks which puts them in a perfect situation to teach you keeping in mind job and industry requirements.

We offer 100% job assurance. Webliquids is reputed for producing excellent PHP MVC developers. We have tie-ups with many companies and will help you get a great job.

Salary and Scope of PHP MVC

According to a report by, a PHP developer with MVC skills earn an average of Rs 2.5-6lakhs per year as a fresher. The salaries increase with more experience. The scope of PHP MVC framework is going to boom with increasing digitalization.


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To be eligible for our PHP MVC framework course in Chandigarh, there are a few pre-requisites that you must satisfy. If you feel you are lacking, you can always take our Core PHP training course which will get you up to scratch.

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS.
  • Basic knowledge of Javascript.
  • Good knowledge of PHP and MySQL.
  • Working knowledge of concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

Webliquids is a reputed institute for PHP MVC framework training in Chandigarh. Our practical focus to teaching along with flexible timings and job assurance makes this course a must take if you are looking to be an excellent PHP developer with MVC skills.


PHP MVC Framework Training in Chandigarh
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