PPC Training in Ludhiana

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Pay-Per-Click Training - PPC (Pay per Click) is the most important part of internet marketing in which advertised pay a particular amount for their ads after every clicked. Significantly, it’s a way of buying visits your websites; in place of attempting those visits organically. PPC plays an important role to promote and advertising products.

Pay per Click is the fastest way to get traffic to your website with brand promotion as well. This Course covers Keyword Research, Campaign Structuring, Keyword Categorization, Google Analytics for PPC, Ad copy creation, Google Ad words Editor, Remarketing, Shopping Ads, Videos Ads and Excel Techniques, Display Advertising, Quality Score, Account Setups, Optimization and reporting.

Digital Marketing is one of the demandable courses at the present time and PPC is most important part of it. PPC is very much useful for running a business, beat your competitors in the market and as per job or career point of view with this one can easily work with any MNCs, E-commerce sectors, PPC expert, Digital Marketing Experts etc.

Are you searching for the best results? Do you want to be the best businessman?Do you want to know the best techniques and methods of PPC? Are you interested in increasing your sales without spending huge amount? Do you want to make your business popular within or outside your country? Do you want to be the best PPC expert? If your answer is yes, then PPC training in Ludhiana offers by Webliquids is your only destination.

Topics Covered under PPC Training in Ludhiana (PPC)

In PPC Training we provide the following segments that discussed below:

In Module 1st: Keyword Planning Paid Keywords and Research

  • Types of keyword Insertion
  • Paid Campaigns Major Terms
  • MCC Accounts and Paid Campaigns On Page Optimization

In Module 2nd: How to Design a Campaign

  • Ad Making
  • Group Designing
  • Negative Keywords
  • Adding Keywords

In 3rd Module 

  • Site Extension, Mobile Extension, and another extension as well
  • Geo Targeting Ads                                                                                           
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Targeting Mobile Devices
  • Converting Code Installation and Tracking
  • Live Bidding
  • Display Campaigns, Planner
  • Contextual Display Advertising, Managed Advertising
  • Display Manage Advertising
  • CPV/CPC/CPM Management

In 4th Module

  • Re-marketing, Retargeting
  • Re-branding for Targeted traffic
  • Google Play, Google, YouTube-B
  • Google Mobile Web Marketing and App Marketing
  • Reporting
  • Enhanced Campaigning
  • Fraud Click Analysis
  • Google Analysis Linking
  • Billing
  • Account Sharing, Permissions and how to become a Google partner

 In 5th Module

  • Cost Per Acquisition Management
  • Segmentation
  • Day Parting
  • Auction Insights
  • Filters, Labeling and Change History
  • Automation, Ad word Opportunities, and account Access
  • Campaign Automation Advanced, Advanced Low-Cost Advertising
  • Advanced Campaign Broad Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing and Competitions Analysis Software’s 

Scope of PPC (Pay Per Click) from PPC Training in Ludhiana (PPC)

After completing the PPC course, there are lots of opportunities some discussed below:

  • You can work as a freelancer
  • After this, you can also open your own company
  • Work as a PPC expert with a smart salary package
  • After completing course also works as Digital Marketing Expert

Who should attend the PPC COURSE in Ludhiana?

  • Students and other professionals who want to make a career in the field of internet marketing
  • Brand and product managers
  • Startup, entrepreneur, small to large business owners who want instant results for their business
  • PPC ad SEM experts
  • Webmasters, web designers, and developers can join this course
  • Advertising professional
  • Who wants to make their career or want to learn about techniques and methods of PPC
  • Peoples who want to work as a freelancer in PPC
  • Bloggers, business owners, and Affiliated Marketers also join this PPC advanced course.

Why Webliquids for PPC Training in Ludhiana

In the present time, Digital Marketing scores a lot, after this anyone can get a smart package with a bright future as well. For advanced courses, choose a professional institute is your smart choice and Web liquids is one of the best institutes for digital marketing. 

  • We are professionals and only believes in quality
  • Web liquids never hired actually we have industrial trainers who provide best techniques and methods of PPC
  • Teaches you from the very beginning to advanced level
  • Always provide a free demo before starting the course and have not charged any registration fee
  • Course fee is genuine with full knowledge and live project courses provided by us
  • Provides you complete updates and advanced techniques of PPC
  • Personal attention given to every student and every question is solved by us
  • Both Theoretical and Practical knowledge is given by us
  • Practical is done on the live projects of the company
  • There is no batch system in our institute

Make Your Conversion Rate Double

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PPC Training in Ludhiana - Course Content

 1. Google Adword's Overview 

  • Understanding Inorganic Search Results
  • Introduction to Google Ad-words & PPC Advertising
  • Overview of Microsoft Ad-center (Bing & Yahoo)
  • Setting up Google Ad-words Account
  • Understanding Ad-words Account Structure
    • Campaigns, Ad-groups, Ads, Keywords, etc.
    • Types of Advertising Campaigns – Search, Display
    • Shopping & Video
    • Difference between Search & Display Campaigns

 2. Understanding Adwords Algorithm 

  • How Ad-words Rank Ads?
  • Understanding Ad-words Algorithm (Ad-rank) in detail with Examples
  • What is Quality Score?
  • Why Quality Score is Important?
  • What is CTR?
  • Why CTR is Important?
  • Understanding Bids?

 3. Creating Search Campaigns 

  • Types of Search Campaigns – Standard, All features, Dynamic Search & Product Listing Google Merchant Center
  • Creating Our First Search Campaigns
  • Doing Campaign Level Settings
  • Understanding Location Targeting
  • Different type of Location Targeting
  • What is Bidding Strategy – CPC
  • Understanding different Type of Bid Strategy
    • Manual
    • Auto
  • Advanced Level Bid Strategy
    • Enhanced CPC
    • CPA
  • Flexible Bid Strategy
  • Pros & Cons of different Bid Strategy
  • Understanding Ad-Extensions
  • Types of Ad-Extensions
  • Adding Ad-Extensions in our Campaign
  • Creating Ad-group
  • Finding Relevant Ad-groups Options Using Tool
  • Creating Ad-groups Using Tool
  • Understanding keywords
    • Finding Relevant Keywords
    • Adding Keywords in Ad-group
    • Using Keyword Planner Tool
    • Understanding Types of Keywords
    • Broad, Phrase, Exact, Synonym & Negative Keywords
    • Examples of Types of Keywords
    • Pros & Cons of Different Type of keywords
  • Creating Ads
    • Understanding Ad Metrics
    • Display & Destination URL
    • How to write a Compelling Ad-copy?
    • Best & Worst Examples of Ads
    • Create Ads

 4. Tracking Performance and Conversion 

  • What is Conversion Tracking?
  • Why it is Important?
  • How to Set Up conversion Tracking?
  • Adding Tracking Code in your Website
  • Checking Conversion Stats

 5. Optimizing Search Campaigns 

  • How to Optimize Campaign at the Time of Creation?
  • Optimize Campaign via Ad-groups
  • Importance of CTR in Optimization
  • How to Increase CTR?
  • Importance of Quality Score in Optimization
  • How to Increase Quality Score?
  • Importance of Negative Keywords at Optimization
  • Evaluating campaign Stat
  • Optimizing with Conversion Report
  • Optimizing With Keywords
  • Optimizing Performing Keywords
  • Optimizing Non Performing Keywords
  • How to Decrease CPC?
  • Analyzing your Competitors Performance
  • Detecting Fraud Clicks

 6. Creating Display Campaigns 

  • Types of Display Campaigns - All features, Mobile App, Remarketing, Engagement
  • Creating 1st
  • Difference between Search & Display Campaign Settings
  • Doing Campaign Level Settings
  • Understanding CPM bid Strategy
  • Doing Advanced Settings
  • Ad-scheduling
  • Ad-delivery
  • Understanding Ads Placements
  • Creating Different Ad-groups
  • Using Display Planner Tool
  • Finding Relevant Websites for Ads Placements
  • Creating Text Ads
  • Creating Banner Ads Using Tool
  • Uploading Banner Ads
  • Examples of good & bad Banner Ads Display Campaign

 7. Optimizing Display Campaigns 

 8. Remarketing 

  • What is Remarketing?
  • Setting Up Remarketing Campaign
  • Creating Remarketing Lists
  • Advanced Level List Creation


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What You Gain With Our PPC Training in Ludhiana?


PPC Training in Chandigarh Webliquids



Planning PPC Webliquids



PPC Training in Chandigarh Webliquids


  1. A Complete Understanding of PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  2. Tutorial 30% Theoretical and 70% Practical Training.
  3. Full Practical Knowledge on Different Tools in PPC.
  4. Online Marketing Analysis Tips.
  5. Know Online Earning Options.
  6. Understanding of Optimization a Campaign.
  1. Learn the Skills that are Required to Win the Market.
  2. Enter in the Upcoming Biggest Digital Marketing Industry.
  3. Increase Your Value Whether You are Working or Still Looking For a Job.
  4. Learn the PPC Course and Boost Career.
  5. Be an Affiliate Marketer or a Freelancer.
  1. Know More on How to Start Online Business.
  2. PPC Training Module has been set up a per Industrial Standard.
  3. Know How to Target Right People For More Conversions.
  4. Learn How to Generate Leads.
  5. Optimize Ad's as Per the Requirement.
  6. Know How To Implement PPC on Different Businesses.

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Understand Pay Per Click With Our PPC Training in Ludhiana

Video To Make PPC  Concept Clear

PPC Training Slide Show


As we known Internet is too much important in the present time, without this world is dark. This is the easiest source to connect with the peoples with different countries. This is the only technique that connects country to country and helps in working together. Every person is online at the present time and Digital Marketing is the best way to promote your business, brand etc. without too much cost. PPC is one of the best ways to attract customer towards your business and the best techniques behind this only provided by Webliquids. So, if you are in the search of PPC classes, then contact once with us and get great experience and make your future bright with our Best Internet Services.

About Course

Course Name : PHP Course
Course Duration : 30 days – 45 days , 6 Weeks – Six Months Industrial Training
Who Can Join : Students, BA, MA, BCA, MCA, BSC(IT), MSC(IT), B-Tech, M-Tech Etc.
Location : Ludhiana

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