PSD to HTML5 Conversion


PSD to Html5

PSD to HTML5 Conversion

HTML5 is packed with bundles of Latest Web Designing Features. After the introduction of HTML5, Websites are competent enough in every sense to satisfy the Diverse Web Development needs only, if they powered with HTML5. People who are not using HTML5, then they are surely missing something really big in their Dream Web Designing Project.

In Today’s world, Web Designing Industry is going through a vast Dynamic Phase, where Responsive Web Design has become the Latest Trend-Setter. Recently World Wide Web Consortium known as W3C has officially recommended HTML5 as the latest HTML standard. Along with the introduction of HTML5, A New Level of CCS3 – Cascading Style Sheets has also come out, which helps you in making a more Responsive & Designing Featured Website using the “Media Queries”.
However, it is quite obvious that you have no expertise in Designing Responsive Websites using HTML5 & CSS3.This is the reason that prompted us to come up with a definitive guide on PSD to HTML5 Conversion. We are going to provide you in depth knowledge of PSD to HTML5 Conversion process. In this guide, you will learn regarding the PSD to HTML5 conversion technique in 5 easy steps.

 Following are the things that are essential to cover.

Step 1: PSD Design

PSD Design

Just because you are converting a PSD design into an HTML5 Template, we are assuming that you have your PSD design with you. We have listed some important points below that need to know and also get implemented by you in your PSD design. This will surely ease up your work and save your time.

 Photoshop Layers – One thing should keep in mind that a PSD Design should be made in Photoshop Layers

Step 2: Colors


‘Colors’ being one of the Most Important Things in Web Designing Segment, we thought it would be essential to throw some light on it.

As we all know Colors play a very important role in the success of any Web Designing Project specially websites, so it is quite necessary to select the wisest colors possible for it.

How to Select an Effective Color Scheme?

If we talk about Effective Color Scheme then there are three commonly accepted structures for a Good Color Scheme. These are Triadic, Compound and Analogous.

Triadic Color Scheme

Tridic Color Scheme

This Color Scheme composed of 3 different colors on separate ends in the Color Spectrum. Creating a Triadic color scheme is a very easy task-

  1. Take a Color Wheel and then Choose Your Base Colors.
  2. Then Draw an Equilateral Triangle on your Color Base.
  3. The three Points/Corners of the triangle will form your Tri-Color Scheme.

Compound Color Scheme or Split Complimentary

Compound Color

The Fact behind Compound Color Scheme is providing a Range of Complementary Colors.

  • Take Color Spectrum and choose two colors from opposite ends of it.
  • This thing benefits the designer with Visual Appeal of Complementary Colors.



 In Analogous Color Scheme usually the colors are differentiated by their Contrast and with Vibrancy when compared to each other.

Examples of an Analogous color scheme is Shades of Yellow and Orange

Step 3: HTML5


As we mentioned above HTML5 is the Latest Recommended Standard in the Web Industry by World Wide Web Consortium. Usage of HTML5 has eased up the process of making Eye-Catching Websites. Now until we don’t have images in the process of beautifying, our websites is no more. For example; we can avoid the use of an image for making a Call to Action Button, instead, we can use the HTML5 and CSS3 to get it done for us. This thing will save our time to the Greater Extent. 

Step 4: CSS Level 3


Moreover, in fact now you can apply the Features like Gradient, Text-Shadow, Resizing the Background Image, 360 Degree Transition, use Border Radius to make Rounded Corners, Box-Shadow, Border Image to create a Border with an image and much more.

Step 5: Media Queries

Media Quaires

CSS3 comes with Media Queries, which helps us in making a Good Responsive site which is most special thing about CSS3 that you should target while developing a website. Otherwise, you need to develop a new website for every other different device such as a desktop version of a website will not going to work perfectly on an I Phone or iPods.

Step 6: Conclusion


Once you mastered all the above-mentioned steps, you can easily go ahead with your Web Designing and Development Project.


PSD to HTML5 Conversion
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