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QTP/UFT Testing training in chandigarhQTP/UFT Testing Training In Chandigarh

Webliquids Chandigarh is known for providing the Best QTP/UFT testing training in Chandigarh which is based on current industry standards that aid the attendees to secure placements in their dream Companies. Webliquids is one of the most credible QTP/UFT testing training in Chandigarh offering hands-on practical knowledge and full job assistance with basic as well as advanced level QTP/UFT testing training. At Webliquids QTP/UFT testing training in Chandigarh is conducted by subject specialist corporate professionals who are having loads of experience in QTP/UFT. Webliquids emphasis on practical sessions to give the students maximum of an exposure that helps in the revolution of an inexperienced student into a professional so that they are easily recruited within the industry.

At Webliquids we have our well-equipped QTP/UFT testing training in Chandigarh where the students learn the skills for QTP/UFT. Our course content has been designed as per the current industry trends helping the students them to get placement in their desired companies and achieve their career goals.

Webliquids is one of the biggest QTP/UFT testing training Institute in Chandigarh with high tech infrastructure and lab facilities.It prepares thousands of students for QTP/UFT at sensible fees that are customized keeping in mind the training and course content necessity of each attendee.

Our training course “Learning by Doing” using state-of-the-art infrastructure for performing hands-on exercises and real-world mock-ups. This widespread hands-on experience in training confirms that you absorb the knowledge and skills that you will need to apply at work after your placement.

Webliquids Chandigarh is one of the best QTP/UFT training institute in Chandigarh with 100% placement support. At Webliquids Selenium training is steered during daytime classes, weekend classes, evening batch classes and fast-track training classes.

QTP/UFT training course content and syllabus in Chandigarh

Introduction to QTP

  • Introduction to Automation.
  • Fundamentals of QuickTest Professional.
  • Benefits of QuickTest Professional.
  • QuickTest Professional User Interface.
  • Add-In Manager and Add-ins in QTP.

Record and Create Simple Scripts

  • Preparing to Record.
  •  Prepare the Test Environment.
  • Create Basic Tests Using Recording.
  •  Create and Save Basic Tests.
  •  Understand QTP Results.

Objects and Object Repository

  • What Do We Mean by Objects?
  • Using Object Spy.
  • Identify Objects and Their Properties.
  • Working with the Object Repository.
  • Utilizing a Shared Object Repository.
  • Use the Object Repository Manager.

Adding Synchronization

  • Introduction to Synchronization.
  • Add Synchronization Steps.
  • Types of Synchronization.

Standard Checkpoints in QTP

  • Enhance Tests with Checkpoints.
  • Types of Checkpoints.
  • Use Regular Expressions.

Using Parameters

  • Parameters and Types of Parameters.
  • Use Input and Output Parameters.
  • Environment Variables.
  • Enhance Checkpoints with Parameters.
  • Create Data Driven Tests.


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qtp/uft training institute in chandigarh

Working with Actions

  • What is an Action?
  • Types of Actions.
  • Define a Test with Multiple Actions.
  • Make Action Reusable.
  • Use Global and Local Data Sheets.

Adding Custom Checkpoints

  • Create a Custom Checkpoint.
  • Use Debugging Tools.

Database Checkpoints in QTP

  • Define Database Checkpoints.
  • Create SQL Queries.
  • Insert a Database Checkpoint.
  • Parameterize a Database Query.

Solving Object Recognition Problems

  • Run Modes in QTP.
  • Analog Recording.
  • Use a Bitmap Checkpoint.
  • Working with Virtual Objects.

Working with Recovery Settings

  • Build a Recovery Scenario.
  • Associate a Recovery Setting with a Test.

QTP Expert View

  • Understanding Expert View.
  • Introduction to VBScript or OOP.
  • Translating Steps – Using Expert View.
  • Using the Step Generator.
  • Debugging QTP Scripts.
  • Breakpoints and Step Method.
  • Smart Identification.

Object Properties

  • Using Constants and Variables.
  • Using the Report Utility Object.

Working with Dynamic Objects

  • Using Dynamic Objects.
  • Building a Programmatic Description.

Using VBScript 

  • Introduction to VBScript.
  • Datatypes, Variables, Constants.
  • User-defined and Built-In functions in QTP.

Working with Dynamic Data

  • Retrieving Data.
  • Using Looping Statements.
  • Importing Data.
  • Working with Databases and File

QTP/UFT Training Advantages in Chandigarh

  • Combined with Test Management Tool (Hp-Quality Center) which permits easy scheduling and Monitoring.
  • Very simple and easy to use and understand, very easy to navigate, delivers very user-friendly results validation and Report generation process.
  • It has become important for Mobile Application Testing.
  • Although it is an HP product, HP delivers it full support in any manner.
  • The development process of QTP/UFT automation testing uses VBScript language which comes with very much trained and easy code as compared to any other object-oriented programming languages.
  • It is a commercial tool and is costly to purchase its license.
  • QTP/UFT scripting procedure takes less time, but implementation process takes somewhat more time and increases the load on CPU & RAM.
  • QTP/UFT does not work with all browsers, testers are always depending on patch file of the browser specific version.
  • Like Selenium, QTP/UFT works merely on Windows OS.

Why Choose Us for QTP/UFT Training in Chandigarh?

  • No Registration Fee.
  • Learn from Industries expert.
  • Practical Training.
  • Practice only on the Live Websites.
  • Demo Free of Cost.
  • Start from the very Fundamentals.
  • No Batch System.
  • Get Certified.
  • Post Training 100% Job Assistance.

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qtp/uft training course in chandigarh


Webliquids is the best QTP/UFT Training Institute in Chandigarh. Our trainers are highly experienced in this field.

QTP/UFT Training in Chandigarh has been intended as per the modern industry trends and keeping in mind the advanced QTP/UFT Training course content which is based on the professional requirements of the student, serving them to get placement in their desired companies and achieve their desired goals. We have our own placement team as well that too will guide for your interviews so that as soon as you complete this course you are on a job as well. Satisfaction among our students is main aim and we have been achieving that aim for so many years now, come and be a part of our institute and see how different we are from others.






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