SEO Anchor Text

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SEO Anchor Text

Anchor text is the visible. The Blue Underlined Anchor Text is the most common as it is the Web Standard, although it is possible to change the color and understanding through HTML code.

Anchor text is also known as the Link Label or Link Title. Links without Anchor text commonly happen on the web and are called naked URLs or URL Anchor Texts.

How to analyze your Website Anchor Text

In order to analyze and monitor keyword in your back-lines to your site, you will need to use a Back-Line Monitoring Tool as explained in this previous article.

Different type of Anchor Text

  • Exact Match Anchor Text
  • Anchor Text Variation
  • Anchor Text Manipulation
  • Targeted Anchor Text
  • Back-Line Anchor Text
  • One-Way Anchor Text Back Links
  • Excessive Anchor Text
  • Anchor Text Distribution
  • Sammy Anchor Text
  • Natural and Unnatural Anchor Text

How Anchor Text helps with Improving your Blog Ranking

There are many advantages of using Anchor Text

  • It is very important to Every Blog.
  • A more useful way to Link Back to Your Articles.
  • Linking to other articles and information using Anchor Text is also very good practice for Bloggers to Regularly Incorporate into their work.
SEO Anchor Text
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