SEO Internal Link


SEO Internal Link

SEO Internal Links are links that go from one page on a Domain to a different page on the Same Domain. They are commonly used in Main Navigation.

Advantages of Links to Your Website

  • Links help Search Engines to find all of the Content on your Site to Index that Content.
  • The Right Links can drive Traffic to your site which can convert into leads.
  • The Number and Quality of links to your site help determine your Page Rank and your Page Rank helps determine your rank for many search terms.

How to get Links

  • Submit your site to Web Directories.
  • Communicate with others in your Industry.
  • Create Compelling Tools and Content.

Is Internal Link Useful?

Three reasons:

  • They help Establish Information Hierarchy for the given Website.
  • They allow users to Navigate a Website
  • They help spread Link Juice (Ranking Power) around Website.
SEO Internal Link
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