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Understand Online Advertising

Not long ago, if you wanted to do marketing you might have tried different ways to reach out to potential customers. You might have used flyers, Billboard ads, Newspapers etc. and spent money hoping that your ad would have been seen by the people. But how many of them have actually seen you ads.

You are Right We can’t say How many of them.

And there were only few ways to check your success.

Understand Online Advertising

With Online advertising, the advertising behavior is changed, Now you don’t need to hope to reach to customer or think whether they have seen your ads or not. With online marketing you can show your business to those, who are likely to be interested in your business or Product while filtering the people who are not.

You can also monitor the success of the Business by checking how many people have clicked on your ad. Online marketing comes with more ways to reach to potential clients- By advertising on search engine, on popular websites, Mobile ads and Social Networks.

In the online marketing, the question is not if you can reach to targeted people. It’s how you can reach them.

So if you are Interested to know How you can Keep Reading You Will get Your Answers by the end of this Article.

Benefits of PPC or Online Advertising


Online marketing has many benefits, but the biggest Benefit is the Targeting. Targeting is the way to show your ads only to the people who are interested in your Business, Product and Service.

Some other Type of marketing put a search on you for Potential clients, whereas the online marketing lets your targeted or potential clients search for you.

Understand online Advertising

We will go on how to target ads that are of people interest later, For now we will focus on few things related to your online campaign that will make your campaign more precise.

  • Age, location, and language of your audience
  • Days, times, and frequency your ad should and shouldn’t show
  • Ad location (commercial sites, personal sites, search engines)
  • Terms people use to search for products and services.

So targeting in such a way further refines your ad and help you make it more targeted to the people who you know would be more of the interest of what you are selling.

Know What Works

With online marketing you would be able to know what works for your business and what don’t. Just by looking at the report you would be able to know what ads are getting clicked and if after clicking on the Ad, whether that person had done something useful to you like purchasing the Product, Download the App etc.

Understand online Advertising 

You would also be able to know what ads are not working for you so that you can stop them and Boost the investment on the Ads which are giving you profits.

Change for Better

Ads That Run online give you valuable data. This includes how much does it cost you, on average, for advertising that leads to your customer’s online purchase. Also with the help of analytic tools you would be able to understand your customers shopping habit, like how much time they spend or for an instance, they tend to research the product before they go and buy it.

Understand online Advertising

Why this is Important? With such data and regular access to this, you would be able to tweak the ads as for better results. Also you can change them as often as you want.

Budget Control

With online advertising you would get an access to control on how much you spend for your ads. There is no minimum limit. You can choose how much you want to spend every month, every day and for every Ad. You only have to pay when Customers click on the Ad.

Understand online Advertising

Let’s Understand Online Advertising or PPC with Some Examples

Online advertising is applicable for all type of businesses like shop, services and online only. You can start your campaign for any type of business. Let’s understand this concept of different businesses and what kind of Goal it should have with the help of examples.

Understand online AdvertisingJack, the art gallery owner

Type of business- Retail
Goal – Gallery Visit

Jack owns an Art gallery shop and he wants to use the online advertising to bring in more customers to his Art Gallery.

Understand online Advertising

Mike, the Repairman

Business Type: Service
Goal: Phone Calls

Mike is a Repairman who is specialized in bathroom, kitchen, and other types of house fixing things. He wants to use online marketing for his service and want to boost phone calls for his business.

Understand online AdvertisingLita, the furniture maker

Business Type: Online sales
Goal: Online purchases

Lita builds Custom furniture from her home and wants to use online advertising for her business to boost the online purchase of her product.

So this is how we should understand the Business first and need to clear our goal, once this is set we are good to go for starting our online marketing.

Understand Online Advertising with the Help of video

We will soon update the Next article on How to build a Business Plan.

Understand Online Advertising
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