How to Use Anchor Text in seo Backlinks? | Importance of Anchor Text

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How to Use Anchor Text in Backlinks?

What’s the best method to use anchor text to increase the best likely rankings from your link popularity campaign? Read on for tips and approaching from the “SEO Guy” Morgan Carey into questions such as how Google views your vote for a site when your connection to it and how they decide the worth of your vote.

Anchor text in SEO and how to use it

The most significant off page thing to securing high rankings in Google is suitable anchor text pointing to the exact page of your website that has been optimized to target that term for that keyword phrase.

Anchor text in SEO defined

First off let’s describe anchor text. Anchor text is that piece of a hyperlink that is viewed by a consumer on a web page (the clickable text). Here is an example: SEO Training in Chandigarh

The logic of anchor text in SEO

  • Now that we are clear as to what anchor text is, let’s look at the reason as to why anchor text would/should have such a theatrical effect in the Google rankings for your keyword phrases and what exactly “suitable” anchor text is.
  • Google determined to base a great piece of their algorithm on inbound links (links from other web pages) because of its initial breakthrough technology “PageRank™”. Google (And most other search engines) counts each link as a vote for the linked “to” web page by the connected “from” web page. Analyzing all constituents of a link “from” a web page to decide the particulars of the link allows for much more exact information to be gathered about the vote being cast.
  • There are actually only the two above-mentioned ordinary elements: the web page address you’re linking to (this does not have any alternatives), and the anchor text (which can be anything) based on the choice of the webmaster giving the link. It is because of this option that the anchor text becomes significant. If there were no such thing as link recognition in the algorithm, the anchor text people would select to link to a website with would be truthfully delegated of that website’s content.

Real Meaning | anchor text in SEO

Basically, Google uses anchor text (and assumes you aren’t biased by link exchange) to respond the question “Okay, you’re voting for a site (and that’s great!), but what precisely are you voting for?” Anchor text is your clarification of what you’re voting for. In real meaning, you’re saying “I am voting for this site because it is a huge site that represents (Whatever you put in your Anchor Text)”. It’s what I call the “Thumbs up and why answer”.

Link Swap

  • Because of link swap and non-natural inflation of link reputation, Google does not stop at anchor text when it comes to validating your vote. After you have said you are voting for a site because it is pertinent to whatever anchor text you provided, it also examines your website in real meaning to meet the criteria you to be able to cast his vote.
  • It’s the type of like they are asking, “Well, what you be acquainted with about the keyword phrase you provided as anchor text anyway?” Google compares your site’s theme/content (especially the page you cast the vote from) to the link text you provided to come up with some kind of sense match.
  • The more relevant the vote you are casting from your site is to your site’s content, the more weight they will give to your vote about the subject. Which makes sense because if you have a ton of content about “x” then you must be acquainted with a lot about “x” so when you vote for someone saying their site is also about “x” that vote should mean something, moderately you’re the expert.

How powerful is anchor text in SEO? 

  • Anchor text is so influential that you do not even have to talk about your keyword phrase ANYWHERE on your page, as well as the header, and with sufficient votes, you can still have first page rankings.
  • Search George Bush’s page for “unhappy failure” or for the keyword “forums” and you will not see them anywhere; however, if you search Google for those terms you will find that both sites are on the first page of Google for their expression, respectively, from anchor text alone — THAT’S how powerful anchor text is.

anchor text11

Why not just get links from anyone? 

  • It could be an extended response but it doesn’t require to be: Ask yourself, “What does a Viagra site know about real estate? Or a casino knows about boat oars?” Based on an assessment of their content, totally nothing. So why should their vote count? It shouldn’t, there is no reason (other than artificial price rises of link popularity) for that link vote to be cast. If it is that simple for us to see, then don’t you think the Ph.D.’s at Google could figure it out?
  • A common misunderstanding among the webmaster forums lately is that the purchasing of sponsored text links to a domain will get that domain banned.
  • If this were the case, we could all just go out and buy our competitors site-wide high PR back links with suitable anchor text to make it look like they were attempting to deceive the system and then account them in hopes to get them disqualified.
  • I find this faulty as a website owner can clearly not be held answerable for inbound links out of their control.
  • I would rather have a PR 1 back link from an excellence content site matching my theme than a PR 7 sitewide link from a Viagra site (unless of course, I am a Viagra site myself, then I’ll take it!) Don’t forget that page rank is always nice to brag about, but in today’s Google it has a lot fewer to do with the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) than it once did Advanced Anchor Text in seo.


One of the more advanced (albeit if you think about it, obvious) techniques to be applied to link structure is to attempt to put together the infrequent keyword loaded anchor text link to your site. Think about it, if 100% of your links are your “exact” keyword phrase, it makes it look pretty comprehensible that you’re targeting it. Also other than perhaps your own site name, a 100% inbound anchor text density would NEVER happen. 

How to Use Anchor Text in Backlinks?
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