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web designing trends - webliquidsWeb Design Trends for 2018

Specifically, we�re talking about Mobile Performance. Each year, web design trends are driven by popular stages and technology trends. In 2016, mobile usage lastly overtook desktop browsing in the race for the digital space. So in 2018, we�ll see creations to utilize mobile functionality never seen on desktops. Web Designing is the future and considering Web Designing training in Chandigarh can prove to be highly beneficial for your business. A lot of businesses will prefer to find the best wordpress vs squarespace website design agency for their web design needs instead of tackling the problem themselves in order to get the very best job done. When looking for a web design agency to take care of your website needs, considering the services provided by decisivesites.com could prove beneficial in the creation of professional web design.

Primarily, mobile design seemed to limit, due to limited bandwidth and viewports, things we had taken for granted for years, developers have discovered an entirely new, modernized tool belt in mobile design. Modern mobile technology has assured support for voice search, intelligent conversational bots, natural language processing, and geolocation. These structures and limitations will drive 2018�s trends. An seo-centric focus will remain a constant once more as we are all aware of how web design impacts seo.

Web Designing trends in 2018

Use of Negative Space

White space is nothing fresh, but in 2018 developers are finding greater uses of negative space.

Chiefly on mobile, speedy, light-weight pages are pivotal. Flashy, gimmicky design is passed. Even images are becoming old-school. Everything on the page is there for one purpose: Upsurge conversions. We�re not adding animations simply for the sake of graphics; instead, we�re adding a cinemagraph to establish and illustrate a product or offering. The movement to drive value and conversions is what�s hot now. Negative space draws attention to the engagement or conversion point � no distractions.

Bold, Communicative Typography Design

To go along with the minimalistic styles of 2018, Typography as a design-element will be taking Center-stage. Already we�re seeing colorful, playful, and artistic fonts taking the place of pictures.

For mobile, in particular, this makes a lot of sense. Unlike images, which add weight to a page, scaling size to your typography doesn�t impact enactment. Eliminating images and relying on expressive typography crafts cleaner lines with more negative space � so logos and calls-to-action really pop on-page.

Gaudy buttons and clickable images are losing fashion. Even hero images are opening to give-way to vibrant, creative text-based designs. And those skinny headers and menus are developing into a trend of wide, bold headers that immediately proclaim the purpose of a page. You may even find the call-to-action loudly announced first thing in a typographic explosion. For the expansion of business Web Designing Course in Chandigarh can prove to be the turning point of your business.

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Hitting the sweet spot between a static image and a full-blown video, cinemagraphs will take over 2018�s web design trends. Not as heavy or slow-moving as a video, these quick snippets create a dynamic image � really capturing the magic of those moving photographs in Harry Potter.

Again, performance and mobile functionality are key here, so developers won�t just craft cinemagraphs for flair; rather, they�ll be used to draw attention to critical points on the page. For instance, we may create a 360-degree view of a product. We may program them to run when scrolled into sight, to catch your eye at conversion points. Or, cinemagraphs could be used as a way to detent engagement, programmed to spin when touched on a screen. With the advancement of Web Designing, Attending its Classes from a renowned Academy would help your business grow

Crafting engaging cinemagraphs has been shown to increase conversions, and our developers have used them on numerous client websites to great success. If you�re looking for a quick 2018 upgrade to modernize your site, adding 360 cinemagraphs to your product pages or navigation menu is a brilliant way to ring in the new year.

Expressive Scroll Triggered Animations

Scrolled animation triggers are not new; though, in 2018 we�re using them differently. Just like with cinemagraphs, we�re no longer crafting animation simply for flash and flare. We�re using them for a purpose.

These animations will be planned and minimalist, designed for the purpose of growing engagement and conversions. The animation attracts the user to keep scrolling, drawing them down the funnel to the conversion-point, while also educating them about the product.

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Progressive Web Apps

Apps account for 89% of mobile media. Designers, identifying the popularity of mobile apps, have begun developing a mixture of traditional app behaviors with web page behaviors. This website-app hybrid is called a Progressive Web App.

As we enter the development space of progressive web apps, we�ll see a trend in promotion the functionality of websites to include things like push notifications, splash screens, offline mode, and animated page transitions. Websites like Twitter, Washington Post, and Medium have already crafted progressive web apps, easily available with just one click. Many Web Designing Institutes in Chandigarh have opened which can help you to guide through all the core concepts of Web Designing.

Web Design Trends for 2018
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