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Web designing Course in Chandigarh - In this Current Age of Internet, Every Business wants a Website to reach their Customers. Webliquids Provides Web Designing Course in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Punjab | India to help Students and Professionals to be trained and adopt the Latest technology. The number of web Applications is being designed with the programming language like PHP. This Programming language is used to create the complex designs and architecture of websites like Facebook.

Learning Web Designing is essential to growing in this industry, as this world keeps on changing and new designs and architectures come in the market. So understanding the complete concept and the Structure is very important. Our Web Designing Training in Chandigarh is a combination of designs using Photoshop and combination of Programming and Markup languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, and MySQL.

If You Think Math is Hard, Try Web Designing.

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Let's Get Familiar with basics, Where a Website Revolves Around.

HTML is known as hypertext Markup language and it is used to create the web pages. HTML is an easy to learn a language and it is search engine friendly markup language. A website created in HTML can be run on any browser and it loads faster that the websites created in CMS. There are many other Advantages of learning HTML.

CSS is known as Cascading style sheet which is in use to change the text appearance and the web page layout during the designing phase of a website. This language can be applied to any kind of XML Document, Could be a Plain XML, SVG or XUL. CSS is a Cornerstone Technology, along with the usage of HTML and JavaScript and is used by most of the website to create engaging web pages.

JavaScript is also known as ECMAScript and is a Dynamic programming language which is used as a part of web browsers and its implementation allows client script to interact with Users.

Jquery is cross platform and is used to simplify the client-side scripting. Jquery syntax is Designed to make is simpler and easier to find the navigation of any Document.

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Web Designing Course in Chandigarh - Course Content

1. Introduction to Web Standards
  • About Web Standards
  • Introduction to Type of Website.
  • Server/ Client side Scripting.
  • Difference Between Website Designing/Development
2. Web Structures & Templates
  • Type of Layouts and Structures.
  • Basic Web Structures.
  • Advanced Web Structures.
  • Latest Web Structures.
3. Web Color Theory or Scheme
  • Three Color Combination Concept & Factors.
  • Define Color Combination Ratio.
  • Color Choosing Methods.
4. Designing Mockups in Using Adobe Photoshop
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop.
  • About Vector & Bitmap Images.
  • About All Pallettes & tools.
  • Working with Layers.
  • Grouping of Layers.
  • Creating Navigation, Headers, Footers.
  • Designing Buttons for The Web.
  • Creating full PSD Mockup.
  • Masking Effects.
5. Conversion of PSD to Browser Using Languages

About Basic HTML:

  • Introduction to HTML Language.
  • Block Level & Inline Elements.
  • Semantic & Non-Semantic Elements.
  • HTML Formatting Tags.
  • All Basic Elements.
  • HTML Attributes.
  • Form Element and its Types.


About Basic CSS Language:

  • Introduction to CSS Language.
  • Rule of CSS.
  • CSS Box Model.
  • Types of CSS (Inline, Internal & External).
  • About Classes & ID’s.
  • Pseudo Classes Concept.
  • All Important CSS Properties.

Advanced HTML5 Language:

  • About Doctype!
  • New HTML5 Elements.
  • Media Elements (Audio, Video, Iframe, Embed, Object etc.).
  • New Form Elements and its Various Types.
  • Working with New Tags.

Advanced CSS3 Language:

  • Box-Shadow & Text-Shadow Properties.
  • Border-radius Property.
  • Transition & Transformation in CSS3.
  • Animation and Filters Effects in CSS3.
  • CSS3 Gradients.
  • CSS3 Column-count Property.

CSS3 Outline Offset.

6. Responsive Website Designing Concept
  • Introduction to Responsive Designing.
  • About Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation).
  • Working with Grid System.
  • About Media Queries.
  • JavaScript Concepts.
7. UX & UI Designing Concepts
8. About WordPress CMS (Content Management System).
  • Installation of WordPress.
  • Theme Customization.
  • About Plugins Installation & Working.
9. About Domain, Hosting Concepts
10. Work on Latest Adobe Software
11. Practical & Written Assignments
12. Working on Live Project with Our own Portfolio
  • Backup Classes.
  • Doubt Sessions.
  • Small Batches.
  • Flexible Timings.
  • International Certifications.
  • Theoretical and Practical Sessions.
  • Learn How to Make money Online.

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What Will You Learn With Our Web Designing Training in Chandigarh


  • A Complete Understanding of Web Designing.
  • Tutorial 30% Theoretical and 70% Practical
  • Full Practical Knowledge on Different Tools in Web Designing.
  • Responsive Designs.
  • Single page Website.
  • Parallax effects and a Lot more.


  • Learn the Skills that are in Demand Today Which Other Will Learn Tomorrow.
  • Increase Your Value as an Employee or as a Job Seeker.
  • Learn from basic to advance level.
  • Start Earning Extra as a Part Time or Full Time Working From Home.
  • Start Working as an a Freelancer.
  • Be an Affiliate Marketer or a Freelancer.


  • Earn Knowledge on How to Start or Enter in the Web Designing world.
  • Training is Based on Latest Technology.
  • Get a Clear Vision How to Create an Appealing Website.
  • Know what is in Trend.
  • Certified Course of Web Designing.
  • Learn How to Create SEO Friendly Website Designs.



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