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What is Back Links?

Back links is also known as incoming links which is referring to all links on other websites that refer to the website in question. The more back links a website has and the better those links are they are the further up it will appear in the search results. When a web page links to any other page, it is called a back link.

In the past, back links were the major metric for the ranking of a web page.

Importance of Back Links

  • It is helpful to keep track of your back links, to know which sites are linking back to you and how the anchor text of the back link incorporate keywords relating to your site.
  • A tool to help you keep the track of your back links is the Domain Starts Tool. The tool displays the back links of domain in Google.
  • It will also tell you a few other details about your website.
  • Like your listings in the open directory.
  • Last but not the least, it will also tell you that how many pages from your site that have been indexed.
What is Back Links?
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