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What is Display Advertising?

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. To help spread the word about your business, marketing it key. From using social media and handing out business cards at events, to using a aluminum sign for outdoor advertising, these are just some strategies that can make all the difference in hopefully creating a successful business. In this digital age, growing sales, as well as revenues, are tantamount to being able to successfully use accessible marketing technologies. There are many ways to get your marketing message across; don’t misjudge the value of online display advertising. This type sells your product or service through visually tempting text as well as graphics, animation, and video. This is what Display Advertising is all about. Think of Times Square and their huge led screen walls. This is display advertising to the extreme!
Strategic placement of display ads is vital. Inserting them on sites that are already relishing wide patronage of your target market can make the ads relevant, personalized and timely. All these aids in creating a successful advertising campaign or increasing the possibilities of the ads getting noticed, clicked and bought by your targets.
Are you uncertain to use banner ads in your marketing campaign?

Here are the Benefits why you need to give it a chance:

1. It completes your branding circle. Display Advertising does not really substitute traditional methods of advertising; it completes the branding circle. The Internet with its billions of users around the world has huge capabilities to open new opportunities for businesses to grow and expand. Tri-media advertising – print, TV, and radio – alone cannot reach every market anymore predominantly when building brands. You need to complement tri-media with online advertising to tap the Web’s enormous market.

2. Avoid expensive long-term contracts. Advertising can cost you big time. That is made costlier when you are required to sign up for long-term advertising when you only need short exposures i.e. political campaigns, promotion of an event, or a coming sale. Online display advertising can be as short as it is essential. It costs less and can also give you the opportunity to control and make alterations in your campaign based on the presentation of the ads.

3. Capturing the market through remarketing/retargeting. Do you want a run to get a second or a third chance to capture a target market? Your target market may not be transformed the first time they see your banner ads; that happens quite regularly. Display advertising through remarketing is a brilliant way to remind them of your product/service that provides a solution to a need or problem. Maybe a second visit is essential to convert them.

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4. Look like a big fish and gain trust. You want your target market to believe your brand. That happens when they see you have enough going for you and that not delivering your claims can mar their brand. Being a big player carries with it the connotation of credibility and reliability, traits that are not so easily achieved in online marketing.

5. Benefit from “Geo-targeting.” Display Advertising gives you the control to creatively engrave your online advertisements so that you can efficiently zero in your market by geographic location. Do you deliver pizza in your location, let the market know by showing a banner ad with a telephone number to order?

Additional Benefits of Display Advertising

6. Entice your target by knowing their interests. If you know your target demographics, you would know their interests and what can fascinate them. Use the knowledge to design your display ads to tempt and grab their attention. For instance, younger targets would generally be interested in the social media and celebrity icons while young professionals would be interested in niches like family, and business.

7. Get the ads featured on relevant sites. Your knowledge of the interests of your typical customer can take you further to contain the knowledge of the websites that they regularly visitor content that they read. Banner ads contained a relevant content increase the likelihood of getting noticed and clicked. There is nothing more discouraging than spending on campaign ads that yield no conversion. Placing ads on the sites not visited by your target market is a pointless and expensive exercise.

8. Use complete transparency to your advantage. Having the skill to track or getting feedback from your ads is critical. Other advertising forms can be tough to track; using display ads can let you in on weekly even daily updates. This type of information tells you whether your advertising/marketing effort is succeeding or you need to twist it. Feedback reports can lead you to better tactics and more successful marketing.

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9. Take advantage of A/B split testing. What constitutes a better tactic? Sometimes it is tough to say even when you recognize your market. This is why having control in your advertising is worthy. You can test a tactic and change it when the response is not as good as you expect. While it may work like a giant billboard in many ways, stripping it down to twist it is not as hard and costly.

10. Enjoy lesser marketing cost. Online display advertising is not expensive; tri-media and usage of billboards typically cost more. In fact, this kind of advertising is flattening the playing field for small entrepreneurs with restricted resources. With billions of Internet users, you can reach many target users for a couple of dollars.

What is Display Advertising?
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