What is Google Page Rank

how to increase google page rank for website

What is Google Page Rank?

Page Rank is a link which studies about the importance of a Google. Every website is given a Google page rank score between zeros to ten on an exponential scale. Page rank is only one factor in the Google ranking algorithm, it is important to remember that a high Page rank does not guarantee high rankings – but it can significantly help.

Importance of Google Page Rank

page-rank-droppedIf you have time and you want to spend on online marketing then topic of SEO first comes up in your mind. You can easily impress your friends or family member with your new found knowledge. it also give rank to our website. We will know how to do work on it and how we can give our best to them so that Google can decide what rank is suitable for our website.

It is one of many factors used to determine which pages appear in search results. Page rank is also sometimes referred to by the slang term Google juice. Google Page rank measure’s web page’s importance.

Page rank is very important. It is one of many factors that determines where you web page appears in search result ranking, but if all other factors are equal, Page rank can have significant impact on your Google rankings.

What is Google Page Rank?
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