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raw-link-juice-webliquidsWhat is Link juice?

Link Juice is a patter which referring to how powerful a certain link within a site or from one website to another is or could be. When a search engine like Google adds up all the juice from the various links it has some idea on to the popularity of a website and uses it as one of the factors in ranking that website.

Some Factors For Link Juice

Which effect the potential juice of a link include,

  • If the link is within the text content of the page rather than alone in the footer or a sidebar.
  • Where the link is on the page links higher up pass more juice than those lower down.
  • How much link juice that page has to offer in the first place.

Link juice is known in the SEO world as the authority passed to a site via internal and external links. In order to better understand what link juice is, picture a bucket of water. The bucket represents your web page.

Methods For Link Juice

Old Method: Adding a no follow aspects to outgoing links to forbid passing link juice.

New Method: Adding the no follow aspects is no longer useful in supervising amount of link juice passed to each link.

What is Link Juice?
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