What Should I Do After B.Tech?

What should I do after B.tech?

Big Thanks to IIT Craze. In the present time, Engineering has become one of the hottest picks as a Career option for the Ambitious Students. When a student passes his/her 12th class or sometimes even after just passing 10th, Students get enrolled themselves in the Engineering field or in the preparation of IIT entrance Exams. After the rigorous training very small percentage of the total students could manage to make it up to the Indian Institute of Technology. Other students will settle down in colleges/ universities around them with the same theme- The Engineering.

Every year hundreds of Colleges of a particular area flush out Lakhs of Engineers. Only few of them are capable of getting Good salary packages while setting up with high reputed Companies. Rest of the students, they left with only two options – further studies and doing small scale job with local company. It is a general question that struck in the mind of an Engineering student that what will I do after Engineering?

Some Career Options after B.Tech

  • Campus Placement

  • Go for M.Tech Degree

  • Do MBA

  • Prepare for Civil Services

  • Entrepreneurship

M.Tech, MBA, starting the own business or hunt for a job is very common career options.  In this post, I am going to introduce to you the best career option in today’s fast-growing IT & Digital World. The world is getting more and more Digitized with every passing time. Digital Marketing has come up as a booming career option. We all see attractive Video campaigns, Web banners advertisement, Mobile applications, Blog posts while Internet Surfing. All these are different forms of Digital Marketing. It is an interactive career option and demands nothing but little knowledge of computers. Those who also have little interest in designing can also go for Graphic Designing as a best career option. See at- Best Graphic Designing Training in Chandigarh

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a term that is used for testingdigital-marketing-umbrella-webliquids, measuring the interactive marketing of products and services with the help of Latest Digital Technologies in order to reach the effective Leads and convert them into customers or retain them after then. The key objective of Digital Marketing is to promote the brands, build preference and get engaged with customers and increase sales of products and services.

Digital Marketing is impacting the Advertisement and marketing industry to a larger extend. Cost effectiveness, Flexibility, Instant Response are some of the striking features of Digital Marketing. Everyone prefers Digital marketing to market their Products, Brand and Services hence Digital Marketing is the best career option in the present time.    

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

  • High return on investment (ROI) through Digital Marketing.
  • Target only effective and potential audience
  • Anyone can start with small amount of investment
  • Advertising of products on specific hours, time or day bases.

According to a survey, Digital Marketing Industry is worth $65 billion! Hence proved Digital Marketing industry has ample of Best Career Opportunities.  

Digital Marketing Segments which you can choose as your Career

Digital Marketing has a large number of segments that you can take as your career preferences like, SMO, SEO, SMM, SEM, Interactive Content Marketing, Ads Campaigns and Email Marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):- In SEO, on-page and off-page optimization is used to rank on first page in organic search results of Search Engines Like Bing, Yahoo, Google. The special part is without spending any money. Being on top of the results, you will be able to get effective and potential customers/ viewers.

Average Starting Salary – 2.5 lakh p.a.

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SMO (Social Media Optimization):- In today’s Digital world, branding any business or product through social media like Facebook, Pinterst, Google +Plus, Twitter and Linkdin is very important. Better social media optimization means uncountable effective audience.

Average Starting Salary – 3.5 lakh p.a.

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Web Analytics – It includes the skills of Omniture, Clicky, Piwik, Google Analytics, and Yahoo Web Analytics.

Average Starting Salary – 3.8 lakh p.a.

SMM (Social Media Marketing):-SMM means advertising a business on social networking sites in order to collect a network of people who shares same interest. SMM is a very effective way to boost the sales while reaching effective potential customers.

Average Starting Salary – 3.6 lakh p.a.


Everyone has entered the Era of Big Data. . Hence Digital Marketing has come up as a very Lucrative Career option in the present time.

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